Tuesday, December 19, 2006

busy, busy busy

Vacation tomorrow. Just wanted to say:

Happy Holidays!!

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Headbands and Hockey

What a wonderful evening. As the title says it was all about knitting headbands and watching hockey. I'm making a couple of my students headbands. Isn't it a lovely thing when you show your DD (who has told me NOT to knit anything else for her) patterns and she finds 4 she wants??!!?? Go figure. But the heartwarming part of this is when asked if she wanted me to make any for her friends for Christmas gifts, her response was, "No. I want them to ask where I got my headband and I'll be able to say that my mommy made it just for me." Sixteen year olds are chock full of surprises. Guess my vow not to knit any gifts this year has gone out the window. Why oh why didn't I think of these months ago????? Ahem..... Hockey news, the wonderful Los Angeles Kings beat the San Jose Sharks last night at the Shark Tank. Way to go Brust and Kopitar!!! Kudos also to Cammelleri and Armstrong.

My dear readers, it has been a while since I posted. Lots of stuff going on the past few weeks. Emotional and I haven't wanted to "go there" cuz I'd never be able to stop crying. My oldest daughter turned 21 on the 8th. We haven't talked in 2 years. It was a rough, rough day. To add to that, youngest DD was going to see her dad that afternoon. She hasn't seen him in 8 months and it was a little nerve racking. It's been her choice not to see her dad. She saw him Sunday again for a trip to Disneyland to celebrate her sister's birthday (yes he is the epitome of the "Disneyland" dad; that's about all they ever did); spent the night at his house, and guess what? Being with him makes her physically ill. She woke up at 2am and the vomiting went on for about 2 hours. Great. She made it to school Monday on very minimal sleep and Tuesday when she woke up, she was dizzy, nauseous etc. Lovely man. Folks, there's a reason I have restraining orders!!! Anyway, that's the short of it.

So other knitting news, I finished BF's mom's socks, cast on another pair for her and now have 2 headbands in the works. What do I want to do today???? Knit all day. Where am I? At work. At least it's the end of the semester. Finals next week. The joys of working at a university. Perks? Many.

Aaaakkk. Camera challenged again today, did you notice?

Well, the boss is emailing me with some tasks for today. Everyone have a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend.

ETA: tried to add photos, not enough time to resize!!!

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Good Morning

What a fine Thursday morning. Hey what's up with the weather here in Sunny So Cal??? Yessiree it's sunny, but it's colder than crap. Granted as ready as I was for colder weather, a gradual decline in temp would have been perfect. This going from 80 degrees to 55 degrees and freakin' windy is not quite what I wanted!!! At least I get to wear my scarves and socks.

Quick note on Thanksgiving (or is it too late?) heck here it is. IT WAS THE BEST THANKSGIVINGS I'VE HAD IN 8 YEARS. Had DD the whole day, mom and dad came over and we had a fantastic day. Our first turkey we ever made came out great they said (I'm a veg). Played Texas hold'em later, taught the kid how to play. She's good!! Anyway it was awesome.

You gotta go to StitchDiva. Ms. Knit and Tonic herself has a great new pattern which I've just purchased. Her designs are just awesome.

Sock news: starting the toe on BF's mom's socks. They are turning out quite cute. Then on to the second pair. I promise pics on my next post. I love Cascade Fixation.

Hockey news: Kings rock. They have won their last two games. Let's hope for another tonight against the Coyotes.

(HAVE. TO. BUY. YARN.) Just have to. I got my new KnitPicks needles. and some Essential Tweed yarn in purple so soft and wonderful. Still trying to decide on which sock pattern to use for these. Guess I have time. Suggestions are welcome.

This reminds me: Since I've received my new needles; I have 2 Addi turbo circs, both 3mm one is 32" and the other is 24" (I'm guessing on that it says 60cm). Might have the packages. If anyone is interested, email me at oshnpashn at yahoo dot com and we can work out a trade or something. Let's see, hmmmm. Oh yeah. Jealous people suck.

Work is winding down for the semester. My day today trying to look busy. Nothing really to do. Awesome. Uh, except for this meeting I have to leave for now!!! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Howdy Doody happy knitters

Yessiree Bob, I'm amped today. Even Mom noticed when I phone chatted with her this morning. Could it be a feeling of accomplishment? (cleaned the house yesterday and it didn't take but 2 hours!!) Could it be DD and I had a great weekend watching a couple dorky movies and going to a hockey game (finally the Kings won) with her BF? (my BF has been out of town since Thursday). Could it be my BF is coming home today? (Yippee, oh yeah!) Ah, it's all of the above. Let's not forget it's a short work week; Thanksgiving is at my house this year. Mom, Dad, DD, BF and me. We're gonna break the DD in at Texas Hold'em....I figure this way when she's playing strip poker she'll keep all her clothes on, LOLOL. Gonna be interesting, especially since Mom stated that last Christmas was the worst Christmas ever (it was at my house) Dear Readers, yes there's already a couple bottles of wine chilling in the fridge. Here's hoping Mom will indulge!!!

Anyhoo, on the knitting front, I'm well on to making BF's mom a pair of Fast Florida Footies. Her kids moved her to Reno (which is why BF was out of town.) and she's very excited that I'd make her a pair of socks. Oh pahleeze. Socks=my fav things to knit. I got enough to make 2 pairs. One fairly subdued, and the other bright, bright, bright. Actually got them from Angelikas Yarn Store. My first order from her and WOW, talk about fast shipping. I ordered them Tuesday and had them by Thursday. Add that to your list of on-line yarn stores. So now the Crusoe's and the SWC are back on hold. It's so nice to have many projects lined up! One amazing realization I had---whenever I knit with Cascade Fixation I use my 3.0mm Addis. Well after using the Knit Picks Options circular needles (remember I do 2 on 2) I feel like I have to wrestle my Addis into submission. What to do? Do I remain faithful to my Addis and struggle, or do I buy more Options????? Leaning toward the Options??? Yepper! When this rambling post is finished, popping on over to order the needles. So if anyone's interested in a trade or something, I'll have two 3.0mm Addi turbos available. Let me apologize once again for the lack of photos. Can't seem to remember to take any!!! Okay, back to work. Should anything else pop into my head, I'll be back!!!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time (not enough)

Want to knit, have to knit. Time for knitting? Not so much. Wish. There. Was. More. Even lunch break knitting has been nonexistant. Getting to work late or picking up DD or running errands...aakkk. Hmmm maybe on the way to Vegas Friday. Oh yeah, had a great big surprise from my WBF last night. We're seeing the Stones at the MGM Grand on Saturday night!!! Yip, yip, yippee. What a guy. Been planning this for 4 months in cahoots with my DD and mom. Nobody slipped, nobody gave anything away. We'll also be catching the Las Vegas Wranglers game Friday. Hockey good. WBF's sisters will be in town; 2 are going with us. WTF, this is gonna be a blast weekend. It's funny (not haha) that I have more fun with his siblings than my own sister. She and I are not exactly on the same wavelength; or in the same universe for that matter. Oh well.

Anywho, I have been getting a little knitting on my SWC lately, just not enough for me. I will try to finish my Crusoe socks (yes, i'm still working on those, don't rub it in, or snicker) So many things I want to make......I have this obsession lately to MAKE LOTS OF THINGS!!!! To just sit on my ass and MAKE SHIT. Waiting for the mail carrier to bring my Try-it-on-tubing. I hate waiting.

Wow, this is such a whiney-ass post today. Nothing profound, nothing deep. I don't even have that "I feel sorry for myself" feeling. Cuz I don't.

Going to vote after work, hope you all did too. It's important. Hey it's Tuesday!!! DD and I have a date with Gilmore Girls.

Gotta go, bye

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why, oh Why.....

...does it take me longer to complete a project than every other knitter in the blog world? Some seem to whip up a fair isle hooded, full length coat in a matter of minutes. Me it's taking me for-freaking-ever to get the Somewhat Cowl to the "join in the round" point. Maybe it's the frogging 3 times (yes 3)! Maybe it's because I'm too anxious to wear this awesome design. Maybe it's because working gets in the way of life. Who knows. Yeah, I know. Working enables me to buy wonderful patterns and awesome yarns (it also enables me to have a place to live which provides me having a place to store all my stuff). Ok, ok, ok. It's coming along nicely. about another inch and a half and I'll be able to "join-in-the-round. My 16 year old DD thinks it's cute. Loves the yarn and has even asked to borrow the SWC when it's finished. Life is good.

Have a great day

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tired Tinker

Happy happy Friday fellow knitters, bloggers and craft junkies! These past couple of weeks have been muy hectic. I came down with the creeping crud a week ago Wednesday and spent 3 days at home. This is 5 days before friends from Colorado Springs are staying with us for a night. Great timing. Last Sunday, (early) Spring cleaning took place, sick cleaning.....you know when the furniture polish, or window cleaner fumes really bother your nose. Hated it! So went back to work Monday, took Tues off, late arrival Weds, worked all day Thurs, and will do so today, unless the DD calls and needs to go home early. She's sick too.

We did have a most marvelous visit with our friends. Since they've left California we see them about once a year usually at their house. Had a little bbq for them, a few of their other friends came by. A great time had by all. Even the DD and her boyfriend had fun.

Do you ever feel weird for having fun? I mean when someone else is in the hospital. BF's mom has been in the hospital for a few weeks now; she's in a rehab facility (no not for drugs or alcohol!!! Can't believe how many people have asked that question!) right now waiting to have knee replacement and maybe back surgery. She seems to be responding well to treatments, but it's still a worry which is exacerbated by the fact she lives in another state. She's a strong woman and the prognosis looks good....it's taken a toll on my usually patient BF. Definate change. Back to the first sentence of this paragraph......yeah I feel "not right" sometimes having fun when someone can't. It's kinda like the feeling you get the day after a "wake" and you think to yourself "shit, I laughed way too much". Demons (thanks mom)

Ok....My SWC has taken a few steps backwards! Had to tink about 5 rows, there was a hole in my knitting! A slipped, dropped I don't know what stitch. Apparently this error was committed while KUI. Gotta say most times that's when I do my best knitting. So, I'll limit my alcohol comsumption to 2 glasses of wine, or 2 beers, or 2 gin and tonics. There will be major knitting this weekend. DD has football game tonight, a sweet sixteen party tomorrow night, BF is out of town this weekend. The only commitment I have this weekend is a Kings game Sunday afternoon. Go Kings Go. Thankfully they won last night. back to knitting......I have finished DD's Slinky socks, and here they are: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Sorry for the blurry second photo, I was trying to show the "slinky" rings but another perfect example of KUI, or should I say PUI (photographing under the influence---haahaahaa sometimes I just crack myself up) Knit them in Cascade Fixation and they feel cushy, warm and wonderful. She was going to wear them to school today, but the temp here in sunny So Cal will be 85-90 degrees.

Why do we knit? Why do we craft? This has taken much of my thinking time lately. Me? I believe it to be the joy and satisfaction of creating something. Let me reword that: I LOVE MAKING THINGS!! Since I can't paint or sculpt this is my artistic outlet. My passion for knitting and all kinds of crafting started when I was a kid. Not to mention the peace I feel when doing it. What about you? Why do you knit/craft?

Now for your help. I'm having several jones' that are hard to control. Jones #1: I WANT CROCS~~don't care if they're the mega-mart brand. Jones #2: I want to sew jammies. don't know where this came from, but blammo it arrived. Jones #3: Can you say camping Trailer???? This comes over me around this time of year when tent camping is just a bit too chilly. Jones #4: Gotta get more sock yarn. Don't have to explain this one now do I. The problem is I have enough already to make 5 more pairs of socks. OOOHHHH, man, these are all so materialistic. Never realized having a blog would provide such insights, ahem.

Thank you all for indulging me. I'm off to my daily blog read and maybe get some work done. You all a much deserved wonderful weekend. Love ya!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Well well well

Looks like I should read my own blog once in a while. Sorry for the wacky previous post. To begin where "it" left off. Great Dane at the shelter. Was gonna get him. Long story short, he was adopted, thank goodness!!! Beautiful Blue Merle 1 year old baby whose owner passed away. Very sad puppy, not eating and apparently sick. So very glad he was adopted.

This has been a very weird week. It seems my body has decided to start "the change". Ahem. Let me take this opportunity to apologize to my wonderful DD and BF. They do not deserve this. I am normally a very, very, very patient person. Not so much this week. Example, DD and I are very close and have just a ton of fun together, no matter what we're doing......I made her cry twice this week. Example #2: Called WBF, sobbing I said "I have to tell you some things....I made a list of things I haven't told you yet and, and sniffle, snort, sob" Poor guy thought we were breaking up!!! My list? As embarrassing as it is, here goes: 1. I paid the credit card bill on-line as we discussed. 2. Shall I pay sears on-line? 3. DD is going to the football game friday. Yeah...crazy I am. Please, please you two, don't run away, although I wouldn't blame you if you did!!! Hate this. Hate cranky, hate bitchy, hate weepy~~more like sobby, hate anxiousy feeling like I'm gonna explode from the inside.......To my awesome loved ones, please be patient, meds are coming!

What have I been knitting? Put the Somewhat cowl on hold so the 2nd pair of Slinky Socks could be finished for DD. (side note: washed and dried the first pair...bad, do not put in the dryer, shrunk and sorta felted! Upside, they're now mine!) Guess she got loads of complements on a pair of ankle socks I made her and the kids and some of her teachers want to see more!! Go figure that one. The rush is on. And besides, I haven't finished a pair of socks in eons. The Crusoe's are still on the needles!! The excitement I'm feeling about my knitting is a wonderful balance right now. With the DD getting older and all the activities with school, my weekend evenings are spent waiting up for her. (BF works ALL the time and goes to bed very early.) Sure I could clean and do laundry, no thank you. I get closets cleaned out. This Friday and Saturday night are going to be spent in the knitting zone. The desire to finish a top and actually wear it is eerie. It has been the process for me, now I want results. The socks come first, hopefully completed this weekend.

1. Slinky socks
2. Somewhat cowl
3. Crusoe socks
4. finish 2 dishcloths on the needles
5. Square for Grandma Purl

Thank you for indulging my poopy post! Love ya and have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Finally got my computer back!! My work computer died a few weeks ago, hence the lack of blogging! Always an excuse I suppose. Well a quick catch up: Work is crazy as usual this time of year. Knitting: finishing up a gift for my cousin. Baby shower Saturday. I knitted up a couple pairs of booties and almost done with the hat. I will be knitting her some bibs from the Mason Dixon Knitting book, which I got thanks to a generous Barnes & Noble gift card I received for my birthday from very very good friends. It's a fantastic book!!! Received the circular needles from KnitPicks I needed to continue on the Somewhat Cowl. Those options needles are marvelous. My new favorites.

I've also joined Knit a Square for Grandmother Purl. Check it out here. If you're at all familiar with Laurie aka Crazy Aunt Purl you already know about this. Many thanks and kudos to Kristi for coordinating this wonderful project. Now I need to find some wonderful soft luscious yarn for my square.

Doggie news: Some of you may remember we had to put our Great Dane Penelope down back in February and we've been through 2 other pups that well, were not a good fit for us. Sunday we got a call from someone letting us know there was a Great Dane at the
Question for the Magic 8 Ball: Will I survive DDs years between the ages of 16 & 18???? Doubtful!! LOLOL
Question #2 for the Magic 8 Ball: Will my mother EVER understand me????? Doubtful!
A few more things which need no elaboration!!
A. I need another vacation.
b. I need another day off.
c. I want to knit all day
d. I want to win the lottery
e. I'm going to have another Drunken Knitting Day at my house soon.
Must get back to work now......hopefully next post will be picture packed. Until next time my dears.........KNIT ON.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Try, try again

Hi ho there! Tried to post Friday but Blogger was having a problem, ahem. Let's (try) and recreate a great entry. Guess what? TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!

Back from both vacations and had a WONDERFUL time on both. DD and I camped in Buellton for a bit more than a week thanks to Mom and Dad. They let us use their motorhome. Anyway, we did girl stuff, went on an awesome 5 hour horseback ride, lots of relaxing by the pool time, she even agreed to go to a yarn store with me. Lynda had been to the Village Spinning and Weaving store and gave a nice review so I just had to go. Great place. Talked about sock knitting with the woman there; didn't buy anything though, DD started school last week and we had to buy books......Ahem again. Also visited Rasmussens whose yarn and fabrics are upstairs. Love that store. BF and I had a great time at Twin Lakes doing the adult vacation stuff....now let's not let our minds wander the gutter!! Visited his sister in Reno for a day and did lots of relaxing too. Love vacations.

Now I've been back at work for a week and I'm looking forward to time off again, which will be Friday. BF and I are heading for a working weekend around Palm Springs. He'll be working, I'll be pooling, shopping etc.

Weekend past was quite good. Had family & friends over for my bday celebration. A wonderful time was had by all. Got a Barnes & Noble gift card and I do believe it will be used for the Mason Dixon book. Any other suggestions?

On the knitting front, finished mom's Cable & Rib socks from Interweave (not sure which issue)
Here they are with mom as the model:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I used Knitpicks Parade for those, a little more than 2 skeins. They were fun to knit. Cast on for another pair of Slinkies
Uh, the first pair fit DD just fine until I washed them....guess the dryer wasn't such a good idea....at least they fit me. Her 2nd pair are being done in Cascade Fixation I'll post a pic as soon as I get one. My Crusoes are running down the stretch, the heel has been turned, gusset picked up, oh yes. Had to take a break on those. The size 0 needles were leaving holes in my finger. That's about it for today folks. Gotta get back to work. Hope you all have a great week.
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To Me!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


My, my, my how time flies. Had a wonderful vacation last week with the BF. Eastern Sierra's are gorgeous. Lots of fun and relaxation was had by all. His sister and her husband joined us for a couple days then we drove to Reno for a day. Can't begin to tell you how great this was.

This week has been spent catching up on work and getting ready for my next vacation which begins Saturday, this one with the DD!! Lovely. So this post is mighty quick. Anyway, will post pics of my lastest sock completion (August for the 2nd Sock a month kal) soon I hope. That KAL keeps me right on moving. Yippee. Also doing baby knitting; no not for me (bite your tongue) for my cousin.

Everyone have an absolutely marvelous week, catch ya when I get back.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Let me begin by informing you wonderful readers that this week, I've been feeling terribly "UN". Unmotivated, unimportant, uninteresting, unaccomplished, unacknowledged, uncertain, unattractive, uneffective (yes I know it's ineffective, but go with me here) etc., etc. (I'm sure you see where this is going) All this is quite unnatural and quite unKelly. Normally I'm a very confident, upbeat person. Maybe it has been the effects of the full moon, (no not Gamma Rays). Maybe it has been the effect of a new, very hectic schedule (I'm tired) but THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! So in order to change the effects of whatever is out there, my solution is to do Grateful post. Because really it can always be worse.

What I am Grateful For (not in order of relevance)

I am grateful for my darling, wonderful, special daughters. The oldest is estranged right now, haven't talked to her in over a year and a half.

I am grateful for the years I had, and will have with her in the future.

I am grateful that my youngest wonderful daughter has remained just as sweet and good natured as the day she was born, even having gone through a very brutal time in her life.

I am grateful that my youngest has remained just as sweet and good natured as the day she was born, even after telling her overbearing, controlling, nasty, mean father who she's scared of that she doesn't want to see him anymore (nope, not since April)

I am grateful they at least talk on the phone once in a while. She does need to know her father.

I am grateful for the relationship she and I have. As her best friend pointed out "not everyone has a relationship with their mother like you two do". My heart is full.

I am grateful I no longer have to work my full-time job and 3 side jobs to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

I am grateful I am not married to my exhusband anymore. (This is my prime example of it could always be worse. I could still be married to him.)

I am grateful for my job of 21 years.

I am grateful for my wonderful BF who loves and appreciates me just the way I am (and who I met at work.)

I am grateful that it seems my mother is FINALLY doing the same.

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful for my friends and family.

I am grateful for a happy home.

I am grateful I like the person I am.

I am grateful for where I am in life. You couldn't pay me enough to go back to my teens, 20s or 30s. It just gets better every year.

I am really grateful for all the wonderful, quirky, sometimes sad and frustrating, but mostly truly amazing life I have.

All in all, my life is better than it's ever been. Happy and content. I couldn't ask for more.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Quicky update and finished Slinkies!!

Happy Monday all. Just a quicky today, maybe I'll be able to post more later, but wanted to get these posted. The Slinky Socks I did for my DD. They turned out so cute, and she already did the "slide" test ala Tom Cruise. They apparently are PERFECTO for sliding down the hall. And Tada!!! Here they are Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, how special. The pictures do not do them a bit of justice. You can't see the "slinky" effect on the top or really the great colors from the Knitpicks yarn. I'll take some better pictures.

Have a groovy day!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Anybody remember the radio station KMET? The Mighty Met?

Well I WAS going to snap a quick pic of the Slinky Socks for DD, BUT apparently leaving the camera plugged into the computer AFTER transferring pictures depletes the battery! Ahem. Unless I have the charger with me we'll have yet another pictureless post*. The good thing is the socks are coming along swimmingly and DD loves them. I'm 2 inches past the heel and the knitting is actually going quickly.

Ok, how do you make the decision to FINISH one project BEFORE starting another? This is the dilemma. I want to finish these socks! I have enough Knitpicks Shine for 2 projects. Thanks to the wonderfully talented Carrie and her love for this yarn, obsessing over the Shine has taken over my being. Swatching would induce happiness!!! My oh my, what shall I do.

Thought provoking Wendy has set my mind wandering, wondering about my "mother" skills. Those of you with kids and a significant other must know this feeling; the feeling of "I can never complete a task without being interrupted". But after lots of contemplation it came to me: that is what I do. The moment anyone needs me, be it the DD calling "Mommy" or the BF calling "K, K, K" my task can wait, it will be there later. Helping them complete their task; or make breakfast, or make a sandwich, or help find something, or answer a question or give a simple hug is the most important "task" at hand. Isn't that what we as mothers/partners do? I'm a nurturer. That's what I feel good doing. Don't our children need to know they are the most important person in the world to SOMEONE? Not that I'm one of those folks who needs to be needed, believe me I'm not. My quiet, alone time is very precious. Maybe it's the simple fact that my family knows they can count on me and I'm there when they need something. Maybe knowing my actions show them they are loved and cared for. Did I lack that in my childhood? Not really sure, and don't want to go to therapy to answer this question. Hey any time my 16 year old DD asks me to scratch her back at bedtime because she's had a rotten day or needs grounding I'm gonna do it, no matter what my day was like, what I'm in the middle of or what time it is.

Ok, there you go. Have I mentioned yet that I'm so looking forward to my vacations this year????? Camping for two weeks; one with wonderful BF and one just me and DD. Just about a month to wait for the first week. Mobile home on a lake, heaven. He can fish, I can knit and keep the Bloody Marys coming!! Yeah, well maybe dishcloth knitting is in order for that week. Haahaahaa. DD and I are going to a fav campground and my dear parents are letting us use their motorhome. Yeah, right camping you're saying....but in our defense, DD and I do many, many weekends in a tent thank you very much!!


Thank you and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

*As is obvious, the charger is home. :(
**The voices in my head!! LOLOLOL

Friday, June 16, 2006

Finally Friday

What a week. It seems the "weather" has hit us. Santa Ana's in June???? Crap, what is September gonna be like I wonder. It's supposed to hit at least 90 degrees today. Oh well, at least I have air conditioning and a pool, it could be worse.

DDs sweet 16 party was a huge success. A few snags: The DJ went to our house~~the party was at my parent's. So he was 10 minutes late. The bag 'o cheese for the nacho machine blopped out on my hand. Ever had thick, yellow lava on your hand? The dancing, the moon bounce, the cake was gorgeous and delicious. Party busses showed on time, the skating was fun, fun. The 40 kids were very well behaved even with a pool. Hmmm did the 2 HUGE guys wearing shirts with SECURITY across the front help? I think so. This is something she will remember forever. Monday was a day filled with sweet exhaustion after the clean up.

Knitting news. Have made a bit of progress on DDs Slinky socks. I'm using Knitpicks Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily (sorry the link doesn't have that colorway pictured). They are fast and fun. The Tempting II is taking a rest. Waiting very impatiently for my shipment from Knitpicks which should arrive today. Yes I check "order status" every freakin' day!!

Stumbled upon a Cascade Fixation Ankle Sock KAL I just HAD to join...see the cute button on the side bar. Fixation makes the best socks. Won't be able to do a pair for a while, but hey I'm a joiner.

New Rule: I will comment on the blogs I read. Thanks to Grumperina for the motivation. I know I often wonder why there are few comments on my blog thinking no one is reading. Then the lightbulb goes on: How often do I comment? Rarely. So now the folks who write the blogs I read will know they have at least one reader! Understand, not every one will have a comment daily, but I am delurking!!! Which leads to why we blog. Why do you blog? Is it a diary kind of experience for you? Is it a way to connect with others, or is it just fun? Is the anonymity important? Me it's all of those. Does the concrete evidence that others are reading my blog really matter? No. If my blog can produce a laugh, or some emotion it's fine. Okay, bottom line.....comments are wonderful...so people comment on the blogs you read....have some fun.

I'm done. Thank you, ahem.

Friday, June 09, 2006

"Good Girls Go To Heaven.........

......and bad girls go everywhere." Thank you Meat Loaf. Let's hope my DD doesn't get wind of this, LOLOL. She is the most wonderful child. Not the wild one I was at her age, thank you very much.

Hey all what's up? It's been a long time! Amazing how blogging sometimes takes a backseat to life, hmmm? Remember the accident WBF had back in April and the hit & run 5 weeks later? Well we did have to buy another car. NOW WE HAVE 2 CAR PAYMENTS!!! At least we'll be saving tons on gas (considering the outrageous prices) and car repairs. We got WBF a Tacoma Prerunner. Both trucks are great and we're (I'm) totally enjoying both. Since then I was home with the "creeping crud" that's been going around. Ya know, I'm all for a week at home, but the sick part sucks.

No new pup yet, getting past the Sweet 16 party which is Sunday. It's gonna be a freaking blast.

My "buy no more yarn" went by the wayside Wednesday. I've been sucked in by the Sexy Knitters Club KAL of the Somewhat Cowl Wendy Berhard designed and when I saw Carrieoke's version of Zephyr Style's Green Gable I just had to cave. Placed another order with KnitPicks for Shine Sport for both tops. Everyone raves about this yarn, so giving it a try. My Tempting II is coming along just fine, have about 5 inches of the 1x1 ribbing done. Should I join that SKC KAL? Do I have time? I still have 2 pairs of socks on the needles that really need fininshing. Oh, speaking of socks, the Jaywalkers I gave mom for mother's day? They don't fit. She can't get them over her heels. Drat. On the bright side, I now have my 4th pair of hand knit socks in my drawer, yippee! She took a liking to the Rib & Cable socks from Interweave Knits. They are hers. if I ever finish them.

Picture this....Quiet house, all the "chickens" are where they should be....me sitting on the couch knitting on my TII again up too late, watching a bit of TV......wanna guess what was on? The Story of Heavy Metal (something like that). Ok, so dichotemy or what? Head banging with Metallica, Priest & Maiden......and knitting. Well I found it quite amusing and apparently I'm the only one, hahahaha.....story of my life.

Just heard from WBF, "hey honey, do you want a puppy?" What kind? I ask. "a little white, fluffy one". Guess we're getting a puppy. Gotta find the breede though. Anyone heard of a Dozey?????

One day I'll remember my camera and post pics of the socks & TII. Love ya all, have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Finished Jaywalkers and Pix!!!

Here they are!! Very exciting. They're a bit wonky but with blocking they'll be great. I had a great time knitting these. The pattern is very easy to memorize. Thank you most talented Grumperina.
>Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now let's hope Mom likes them. I think she will. Oh boy, I get to report finished socks to the Count your Socks update my sock counter and Two-Thousand-Socks and (oh my, brain fart) can't recall the 3rd site,hmmmmm, think, think, think......I got it!!! The Sock a month knitalong, damn gotta get those buttons! Helps me remember, ahem. Gotta run.....Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bad, Bad, Bad Blogger--and no Pix!!

I am, yes I am. My defense is a bit weak but you can judge that for yourself. To recap: BFs accident~~Bad; I got a brand new truck out of the deal~~Good. Crap with DD~~Very Bad; I have her all the time~~Very, very good; Fang bit me at training~~Bad; had to take him back~~very heartbreaking. Mom & Dad on a 3 week vacation~~Good for them. Planning a sweet 16 party~~Very, very busy. Hit and run at our house Monday night~~Very, very, very Bad. This jerk pushed the van 3feet and put it up on the curb, proceeded to ram through our IRON fence, drive across the neighbor's lawn, drive OVER a tree (which cameout by the roots) hit another tree, leave skid marks on the curb across the street and get away. Now can anyone tell me how the hell this car was still moving???? It's freaking beyond me. This idiot didn't even hit the breaks at all. So now we have to put in another claim on our auto insurance. Uh, hello, we just did this a month ago. Hopefully they can fix the van, please pray there's no axel or frame damage, we really can't do another car payment. Let's see......am I forgetting anything???? Oh yeah, my "no more yarn for a while" promise to me. It's been close to a month since I've purchased ANY yarn ( I did find a dozen circular needles at a thrift store for 6 bucks!!) It's tough!!!

So needless to say, knitting and other forms of relaxation or recreation have taken such a backseat....slow and steady we go. Well, I have only one sleeve to attach to Sonnet and she will be done, and a gift for my sister. She's not quite "me" . Finally at the toe on the Jaywalkers for mom for Mother's Day. Yes late but she wasn't here on mom's day. My neglectfulness is understandable, Yes? Maybe?

Speaking of Mother's Day. This was an awesome day. DD made my favorite breakfast: Pancakes with peanutbutter and golden raisins with a cup of yogurt and coffee. DD and BF cleaned the house while I sat on the couch and knitted! They prepared a wonderful bbq for dinner and DD and I did a Gilmore Girls marathon!!! Oh yes. Didn't hear from my oldest DD, but BFs DD called me and I was very touched.

Anyway, at least we've decided on getting another Great Dane possibly a puppy. DD decided actually. What a great kid she is. Despite all the angst and stress she's going through right now, she's just an angel. But with the fence being damaged, we should probably wait until that gets fixed......I want one now!!! I'll knit them matching collars. Haahahahahah

One rant before I go: I am so sick of selfish people. Selfish people in general. Those who think their lives are more important than anyone else's. Poo on them.

Have a marvy rest of the week and hopefully I can post more often!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ah, Good Weekend.

Ok, well we got the Miniature Pinscher , uh excuse me "Min Pin" for those in the know, who knew? and yes named him Fang. He is the cutest thing. I arrived at the pound at 7:35am on a Friday morning, a day off mind you, to find 3 other "couples" there as well. We all went up into a covered area before the pound opened and yet another woman and her mother arrived. Turns out she was from a rescue. My mind was going "please don't be here for DDs dog" and "what am I gonna do if these people bid on him?" There was a very well-to-do elderly gentleman and his brother-in-law; a young couple and their 1 year old daughter; a cradle robber and his trophy wife,which in my estimation neither of them was much to write home about....I digress.... I'm thinking, how am I gonna bit against the couplel with the baby??? I'm not gonna be able to bid as much as the elderly gentleman......WHAT EVER SHALL I DO...that dog has got to come home with me. Well the rescue lady finally asks if we're all there for the auction. I say I hope there's no auction...and as it turns out they were all there for a little poodle!!!! Yippee Yippee Yippee. The doors opened at 8am; I found an employee and at 8:01am Fang was having his exam by the vet....8:35am I was walking out the door with all his papers, license etc. Poor baby had to go get the old snipperoo done. We've had him for just over a week now and he's just the cuddliest lap dog. He loves to chew my feet, shoes when I'm walking??? Just me. Princess loves him and he adores her. DD is in heaven. He sits on her lap while she's doing homework, he does the cutest thing, he goes UNDER the covers and loves it. We're just one big happy unit again, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 adults.....ah it's a beautiful life.

Crappy stuff going on with DD which I can't get into here right now, but for her in the long run, and me forever it's gonna be good.

WBF had his truck totalled Weds. He drives a 1992 Ford F150, Detroit steel with a shell. He was hit by some one coming out of an alley/driveway, physics must have kicked in and he spun and spun and totalled 2 cars parked on the street before he stopped in the northbound lane facing south. He was not hurt, thank you universe for watching over him.

Weekend, since the title of the post is Ah, Good Weekend I'd better get to it. DD and I had some alone time. WBF worked out of town. She had a girls night out friday, saturday took her to get her hair cut (which she hates); then to a hockey game. Ya know I love a good movie as much as the next person, put when filming PLEASE DON'T BLOCK STREETS TO STAPLES!!! DD and I ended up in a part of downtown I'd never been to, didn't know where in blazes I was. DD did not know I was the least bit concerned, that's what mom's do. Luckily I have a very good sense of direction and was able to get us to our destination without mishap. Some days, I'm good!! Then after the game, (oh by the way KINGS SUCK, Yeah we're sending our next year's season ticket deposit this week. Ahem.) she spent most of the evening on the phone. She's a teenager, it's okay. I got some knitting done....are you ready....are you sitting down....drumroll please.......the knitting on Sonnet is complete!! Yes complete I tell you. Just gotta seam it all up and wear it before it becomes 100degrees!!!! Did a couple rows on my IK rib and cable socks....gotta get the Jaywalkers "fixed" so I can finish those up too!!!! Never enough knitting time. Did place another order with Knitpicks, found a great sock pattern, here at Magknits. DD loved them..wanted them, so of course I bought yarn for them. She chose Sock Garden in the Star Gazer colorway for these Slinky Socks. Remember the new Knitty is up...check out the pedicure socks!!

Pics of all this later....forgot the camera at home again. Work should be slow this week, it's spring break for us. What am I gonna make for dinner tonight??? WBF brought a cake home for me yesterday (I love cake) that will be fine thank you very much.

You all have an awesomey blossomy day and should I remember my camera tomorrow, those promised pics.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Karma Swap Pal~~You're the Greatest

Oh my!! I arrived home the other day to find this waiting for me from my Karma Swap Pal: Image hosting by Photobucket
3 skeins of Essential, 2 skeins of Dancing from Knit Picks and the green skein is NoNo Kitty superwash!! Floored~~absolutely floored! I must have done something awfully good in a past life to deserve this! I am so enamored with Knit Picks sock yarns, this pas perfect. Such a sweetie she is and TaDa, she is none other than Knittinmom, Chrissy. Check out her blog....turns out she's a sock knitter too! The green is going for another pair of socks for my darling DD, whose favorite color is GREEN, who loved the yarn and WAS at a point of "Mom, don't knit me anything else!!" (oops I should have rotated the pic first!!) The other skeins will be for very special socks.

While we're on the subject of Karma Swap which was started by Keohinani I want to apologize to my partner for getting her package out so late. You don't know who you are yet, but please be patient......it's on its way! And a great big thank you to Keohinani for hosting the swap.

Knitting news! All of my "waiting for" stuff arrived last weekend, so I can now finish Sonnet, fix the wacko stuff going on with my Jaywalkers, and begin Tempting II. A wonderful time was had last Saturday at my lys, Knit One Purl One, actually got to go in for a couple hours of knitting with the gals. It's the first time I was able to do that, it was a flooky weekend DD was with her dad, MWBF (most wonderful boyfriend) was working out of town so I allowed myself to slack off around the house and indulge. We stayed til almost 5, one of my dearest friends took a spinning class there, then she and I went to a hockey game, which of course they won, of course because she and I were there and she was wearing her lucky underwear! LOLOL.

Doggy news! Well it seems DD and MWBF found a dog at the shelter Tuesday. He's ready for adoption tomorrow and I'll be there at 8 am right when the shelter opens. Ok for those of you who have read my blog ramblings before know we had to put our Great Dane down a couple months ago, and we still have the 200lb Mastiff. We adopted a Rott/Shepherd mix that didn't work out. One would think we love big dogs. With that being said, tomorrow morning I'm hoping to bring home a Miniature Pinscher!!! Ok picture a Chihuahua (sp?) size Doberman. DD says it will fit in my purse! What a hoot, this is gonna be fun. So keep your fingers crossed and in my next entry I can post pics of "Fang". Yes that's what my two honeys want to name him.

Gonna get to work now. Have the day off tomorrow, Yippee!!! Have a wonderful weekend filled with love and smiles.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good News and The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Tom Petty comes in really handy sometimes! First the good news. I found the Paton's Fresco yarn in Grape I need to finish Sonnet!!!! Happy Dance to the max!!!! Boy do I love Ebay. So in addition to waiting for my needles to finish the Jaywalkers, and waiting for the needles so I can start Tempting II, I'm now waiting for the Patons. So what do I do? Cast on for another pair of socks of course. The Knit Picks Parade was calling my name so I cast on for the Rib and Cable Socks by Nancy Bush that are in (oops, I forgot what issue) Interweave Knits. I think it's the Winter 2005 issue????? Yes two at a time on two circs. Someday I'll try the toe up method. Hey an obsessed girl has to have something on the needles. It's odd though, I'm rarely if ever cold and my goal is to have all hand knit socks????? Eh oh well. Anyway I'm really enjoying this pattern, right now it's just K4, P2, K2, P2 but it's easy and fun. I can handle purling in a rib pattern or a purl here and there but I've realized that I really don't like purling entire rows. Guess that means my only stockinette will be in the round. Now I'll beat myself up. I made a pact with myself not to purchase any more yarn this month except with the gift certificates I have. Justification for the Patons~~I have to finish the cardigan. Ok, feel better.

Awesome DD came home last night in the most amazing mood. Sometimes when she comes home from her dad's the first night can be trying. Not all the time, just a lot of the time. Apparently it was boring over there. It seems to me she was glad to be home. She is an incredible kid.......given the changes in her life over the past 8 years, she's still a sweet, kind, good hearted 15year old. Tomorrow, I'm taking her out to dinner just because. We've got to start planning her sweet 16 party. No, we're not renting a hall and having the "private prom" kind of party that's on TV these days. We're doing it all at home. Decent size back yard.... hey, we've had 150 people at the bashes we throw. I would say adult bashes, or adult only, but you might get the wrong idea. Got some themes rolling around our heads. No, she won't agree to a knitting theme.....damn!!! LOLOL

Gotta get back to work. Have a wonderful Tuesday! Until we meet again....

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy P's Birthday!!!

Yes, my sister "P"'s birthday is St. Patrick's Day!!! Yes, we both have Irish names~~and an Italian mother, go figure that one. We do have a little Irish blood in us but we were raised with the Italian side of the family. "P" looks italian, I don't....well except for the boobs. Anyway Happy Birthday Dear Sister.

On the knitting front, my Jaywalkers are coming right along, although in my humble opinion they are doing something other than walking!! I've turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches and well, there's something very wrong. As I do all my socks 2 at a time on 2 circs, don't know what I did, but they're just not sitting correctly on the needles. So, until I get size 0 or 1 DPNs (which hopefully will be today on my lunch break) I can't, won't work on them. Instead, I'm redoing the toe on my very own pattern socks. Just didn't feel right so I'm making them longer. Hey, anybody have a good pattern/yarn suggestion for socks to wear with Birkenstocks???? I'm all ears.

Sonnet is still on hold, can't find the **(^^%$ yarn anywhere and 6 balls are needed. AARRRGGGHHH. Tempting II is another fun, learning adventure. I cast on the required number of stitches on the required needle size; even cast on in pattern, so proud. The yarn is Cascade 220 superwash in a deep red. It just wasn't looking quite right so Ms. K put the needles down. Read an entry on nonaKnits and decided that maybe, just maybe there was something to this swatching stuff. Got size 7's (and have found a wonderful circular needle, Silverado by Susan Bates) and guess what? The size 7s worked. Thank you once again nona for the advice. The yarn is soft, yummy and it begs to be fondled. Now the waiting for the proper length of circ to arrive. Speaking of waiting for stuff to arrive; I did receive my first order from Knitpicks and love the sock yarn.....I ordered Parade in the plum colorway and Simple Stripes in vineyard, yes I love purple and all shades thereof. It's absolute wonderful yarn and the price is awesome. Trying to get my vacation knitting projects in order WAY ahead, yeah vacation is in August......ahem. Excuse to buy yarn????? Shit, who needs one.

No pics again today, can't find the damn transfer cord again. Yes my sign is Virgo; somewhere along the line, the universe, in its infinite wisdom, decided to (or forgot to) give me the "a place for everything and everything in its place" trait known to every other Virgo on this earth. Am I more special? Was the universe on a coffee break when I popped out? Can't explain this one. Instead my special blessing was the "obsessive" trait and the "let's reward me BEFORE I do the work" trait. Bad habit of mine......every evening and weekend this goes through my head~~~ok it's time to clean and do the laundry and when that's done then knitting~~you can imagine what ends up getting done....nothing but knitting. Oh well. At least there's one very happy camper in my household and when mama's happy so is everyone else.

The house is going to be very empty this weekend. My DD went to her dad's for the weekend for the first time in 7 weeks. Loved every freaking minute of it, she's a joy to have around and I'm going to miss her. Yes, my 15yr old DD is a joy to have around; very lucky mom here. Despite all the crap in her life the past lots of years, she's got a good outlook. She has been so "even" the past 7 weeks and seemed peaceful. Now she goes with him and i bet when she comes home Monday, well, let's not go there. She and I will be going to hockey and having a grand time.

Ah hockey, not much to say on that note except my beloved Kings are really sucking right now. Not only losing, but getting creamed, trounced, reamed etc. Will we be there tomorrow night, you betcha!!! Will we be renewing our season tickets next season? You betcha!!! I love the Kings.

Ok. I could go on forever. Let me leave you with this:

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO - What a Ride!"

Have a marvy weekend and catch you on the rebound.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Didn't realize it had been quite so long since I posted. Hmmm. Anyway, sock news....I'm Jaywalkin'!!! Sorta. Don't know if they qualify as the "Drunken Jaywalkers" I've heard about, but you can definately tell the knitting I've done while drinking! Got some wonky parts in the legs, but the pattern is wonderful, easy to memorize and fun to knit. Got 5 inches of the leg done. Not too bad. Loving the yarn and the new circs are lovely. Took the pics, but alas as usual I forgot the transfer cord....Ahem.

Tada, placed my first order with Knitpicks for sock yarn. I had no idea their shipping rates were so reasonable. Ordered for 2 pairs of socks. Read great stuff about them on other blogs so I'll let you know when I get the package. Gotta start stocking up for vacation knitting. Made those reservations yesterday. A week by the lake with BF; and a week in Solvang with my lovely DD. Can't wait...

Obsessive personality? Not me......sheesh, I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS. Let me ask you a question, and please honestly answer: Selfish knitting~~the WIPs and future projects I have are all for me. Is it selfish to knit for yourself when people around you are having babies, birthdays and other such celebrations? Mind you, I'm gonna finish all these projects and I do charity knitting.....how awful am I cuz I don't feel like knitting for anyone else but me????

The Kings kicked the butts of the Minnesota Wild last night~~Welcome Back Kings!! Had a blast with my friend, she's the only person I know who loves Hockey, loves to Knit and loves a bit of alcohol like me! This weekend is a hockey weekend. Saturday DD and I have a game. Sunday she and I are going to the Tip-A-King charity event. That's where you "tip" the players for an autograph or a photo. She's very excited.....Actually our friend is more excited than we are. And he's actually embarassed but not really you know? He's is plain awesome.

Even 8 years after the start of the "process" Divorce Sucks. Sometimes I think, "get over it" it's been a long time already. When I start to believe I am over it, I hear a song or something that brings the whole nasty thing, reason back. Let me clarify "it" for you. I wanted the divorce, I was the one who left. The reasons are awful and the only detail I'll give is restraining orders are involved. Maybe it's still unfathomable to me that one person could treat the person he loves so horribly in the name of love of course. It's unfathomable to me that a father could play mind games with his DDs; that a father would encourage alienation from a mother; that a father could ...oh god, never mind Get over it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Tuesday. I do believe I've come up with the solution for coming up with a catchy title every time I post. Gonna wait until AFTER I've said what I have to say, then decide on a title. That being said, here goes!! The pix from yesterday....the socks are the first completed for the "Count Your Socks" and the Two-Thousand-Socks at They were made with Cascade Fixation (my fav sock yarn) and they were also my first attempt at my very own pattern!! Yepper, yes indeed, followed my own whim on these and I do love them. A few things I found though: 1. Didn't make them long enough. 2. Hate the 4x4 ribbing. 3. When you do the stranded/fair isle thing (not sure which category these properly fall in to, any idea???) the gauge tightens up. 4. Still LOVE the german round toe. These were such a blast to make.

The Puppy is our new Angel. After losing Penelope, our Mastiff, Princess was very, very sad, not eating and not wanting to play. Well after a few days with Angel puppy let's just say that's changed. She actually approached people to pet her. Princess was very badly abused before we got her 3 1/2 years ago and is/was fearful of "strangers". Our Angel is a Rott/Shepherd mix and VERY active!!! She's just wonderful and we've already started her training. I WILL NOT HAVE OUT OF CONTROL DOGS. Two dogs is the best.....well actually I'd have more if I could, Hahahaha. Sorry honey.

Started Jaywalkers!! Not gonna link cuz I think everyone knows where the pattern came from. My first socks on Regia Stretch yarn and size 1 circs. They are the Susan Bates Quicksilver, first time using those too. Trying to find a more economic alternative to Addi turbos. These Quicksilvers I'm enjoying very much.

On the bad news knitting news, I've once again run out of yarn for Sonnet right in the middle of the second sleeve. AARRGGGHHH I'm doomed to never finish this or finish it in the middle of summer when it's a blazing 100 degrees. Speaking of 100 degrees; it's freaking cold here right now. Now I'm not a wimpy Californian who can't take a little cold, (not really)...but 42 yesterday morning with ice on my windshield!!! I don't think so.

I want to bake, I want to knit, I want to not work. I'm having one of those weeks where I know I need to change some things in my life, but not really ready to do it. Yes I made reference to the getting your shit together yesterday. Isn't part of the process realizing you want to make changes? Then the next step is making the changes? Just hoping that's the process is all.

Have a great week

Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Monday, a holiday for some

But not me! Hey just here for a quick hi before I go home. Every have one of those days where you think "Gee, I should really get my shit together." Enjoy these pix, details to come later in the week.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Monday, February 13, 2006


Sheesh, can't think of a creative title every time I post!!! Just a few updates, sans pix this time. Thank you to those who sent heartfelt comments about our Penelope. She was the sweetest dog and got my DD through a lot. On that note, my DD and I went to the animal shelter Friday and she found 4 dogs she liked. We'll go back tomorrow and she can decide which one she wants. Going there is so hard!! I want to take every single dog and cat home with me. We planned on going back Saturday but didn't have time after the Kings game. It's hard to make it from downtown, to the south end of the valley, then to the sorta west end of the valley in one hour!! It will be good for our other dog Princess, she's never been alone and is very sad right now.

Finished another pair of socks this weekend. Because I hurt my back last week I was home from work Thursday and Friday and had lots of knitting time. Also cast on the second sleeve for Sonnet. Now on to Jaywalkers. Got the needles and the yarn, hmmmmm should I cast on the socks or work on sonnet tonight???? Quandry! Have a marvy night and I'll post pix later this week.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Goodbye to My Dear Friend

This was supposed to be a very eloquent, lengthy post.....that's not possible. We had to send our Penelope to doggy heaven last night. I miss you Nelly.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Before the "Storm"

Explanation: I work at a university and Monday begins the Spring semester. It's so nice to be able to work (blog) with no interruptions, very few phone calls and no profs around. Finally was able to update the HUGE pics in my previous post, fix the broken links AND get the good pics up.

The BF and I got to go on date last night, HOCKEY night. Kings lost again, but gotta love those Kings. Forgive me, I'm kinda boring this morning. Late night (wink wink).

Here's my latest yarn purchase Image hosting by PhotobucketThe Cascade 220 is for Tempting II by Jenna Adorno and the pattern is available at Knitty. It's so soft and beautiful, something I've never worked with before. Gotta finish Sonnet first~~need the needles and it's a great incentive to finish Sonnet!!! The Regia Stretch is for Grumperina's Jaywalkers for which I just ordered the needles at Joanns. My LYS doesn't carry circular needles in size 1, neither does Michaels. Found them and also got 40% off one item. Love a deal. The Sugar and Cream is for, what else but dish cloths!!

Got another pair of socks on the needles. These are for the Count your Socks don't have a pic right now, but they are my own pattern, using Cascade Fixation of course. So we'll see how they turn out. Guess you could say this is my first foray into desiging! Hahahahah.

A few bullet points (don't want to elaborate cuz I'd never finish!)

~~exhusbands suck; ~~I'm tired of working full time; ~~A Bloody Mary would be really good right now; ~~terribly envious of the wonderful knitters who can finish a project in 2 days; ~~exhusbands suck (yes I said this but it bears repeating); ~~I have a wonderful life and have been blessed with the most incredible daughters, partner and friends; ~~

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quick quick quick

Time for only a quick update ...... well since I'm a bit wordy this post will be longer than I planned!! LOLOL Anyway, finally have a picture of my 2nd pair of gloves for the Peaceful Palms KAL Image hosting by Photobucket, Image hosting by Photobucketyeah, they are fingerless....uh yeah, they're long......I finished them while recovering from surgery and that damned Percocet really does a number on your perception of what is long enough for gloves. But I love them, they're warm and I can roll them down when I smoke!! Here's a Sonnet sleeveImage hosting by Photobucket Now for socks! My DD's socks Image hosting by Photobucket My socks, Image hosting by Photobucket well, it's half of 2 pairs. The mates have either been swallowed by the clothes dryer or they're under my bed, Ahem. Please believe me they are completed.....I used the Fast Florida Footies and the only modification was the toe. I used the German Round Toe which is very comfy. So there are my 3 pair of completed socks. Well gotta run. Gotta finish stuff at work; we're leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning!! Yippee

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Short & Sweet

Duh, I can't find my USB cord to transfer pix from my camera. Had update pix of my 2nd pair of completed gloves for Peaceful Palms KAL and my Sonnet. Drat. Hate when that happens. Oh well.....Okay, a very dear friend of mine gave me this mental image of one of our co-workers.....assless chaps and go-go boots!! This is probably lost on everyone else, but I'm rolling! Gotta finish a few things before leaving.....Yes, leaving early. Hey, the Kings play at 4pm....gotta get beer on the way home. Tootles.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yarn Jones

Yepper, it's hit and hit hard. Sitting here at work listening to an awesome CD the awesome BF burned for me and WHAMMO~~Jonesing for yarn, can't help myself. It comes on a particularly well planned day it seems. Last week I told a friend of mine I'd take her to the yarn store to buy sock yarn. She's a student and I'd told her a long time a go I'd make her a pair of socks. Today is the day!!! Yippee. Gotta check out the yarn for my next project too (the Tempting II or Hopeful I mentioned in a previous post.) Please cross your fingers that I can get the yarn for both. Thank you Mommy for the gift certificate. Oh by the way, my LYS, Knit One Purl One in Granada Hills, rocks. The owners are wonderful. The location is perfect for me, I get to pass by everyday on the way to retrieve my DD from my parents house. The knitting list in my head is growing: Finish Sonnet, redo the toe on my socks, knit the socks for student friend, TemptingII or Hopeful, dish cloths, gift for the BF's niece who's pregnant, try Fair Isle (maybe a pair of socks for me?) Grumperina's Jaywalker socks for me, rug for DD's redecorated bathroom. Uh, does anyone know where I can get paid handsomely for knitting my stuff all day???? If you do, please part with the info.

On the hockey front, the Kings lost again last night. Worst of all to the Ducks. Drag city. They were doing so well again. Progress not perfection (another of my mantras) They're at home next Tuesday but we can't go, DD has finals....damn. She and I have such a great time every time we go. Go Kings Go!!!

Hey and what's up with Michael's and JoAnn's~~~no coupons in the Sunday paper. How dare they, I need needles!! Oh well, be patient Kelly....you know you're not going to start TII or Hopeful in the next 2 weeks anyway.

We're headed for Vegas next week to help the mom of the BF move uh and maybe get into a casino or five. Love to play the ponies!! ok, back to work......

Monday, January 09, 2006

Where is January going????

Yes it's only the 9th, but my gosh. It seems like we were just getting ready for Xmas! Anyway, I've been contemplating my goals for the year~~nope, nope, nope I'm not calling them resolutions and you can't make me~~guess it's time to stop contemplating and get them written so I'm accountable? Here goes and in no particular order of importance:

1. Be a better mother. This has been on my list since I had my first child 20 years ago. They're both good kids so i guess I'm doing okay.....just the guilt factor!

2. Be a better correspondant: I have so many friends in other states or in No. Cal. I just don't email enough and I want them to know they ARE important to me.

3. Keep up on household chores: We've done a lot on the house and I want it to always look nice. Which, according to my parents and my wonderful BF, I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. The house is not "dirty" just cluttered most of the time. Being off most of December showed me that it's not really ME. The house looked great while I was home after the holidays; kept up with the laundry, kitchen was always clean, bathroom sinks uncluttered. Very calming. Then back to work came and the regular routine, kids to school, work, pick up kids, home make dinner, etc., etc., etc!! All I really want to do after all that is sit quietly and knit!

4. Break the habit of rewarding myself with knitting (or any kind of crafting) BEFORE I do the "work". Bad, bad, bad.

5. I will continue my motto "I will not should on myself".

6. Have only 1 at home project and 1 take a long project. In other words, finish one thing before starting another.

7. Read at least one book a month.

8. Drink water. The only liquid I consume on a daily basis is mega amounts of coffee.

Enough of that for now, or I'll cry.

On the Knitting Knews: I have completed the body of Sonnet and cast on for the first sleeve. Hey maybe the sleeves can be my take along project too. I love it when I have a great idea. I did make a cute purse for my DD for Xmas. Today on my lunch break socks are going to be repaired. If I can ever remember to take pix I'll post them.

The weekend was wonderful, quiet, pretty much stayed at home. I do love my home. Gotta work. Have a marvy day..

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year--Long post

Wow, time flies when you're (not) having fun. The past month has been very interesting. My doctor procedure turned out to be a bit more extensive than orginally planned, not fun. Only worked 4 half days the month of December. That was okay. Although what you consider heaven can quickly turn into hell. Two months ago the thought of getting to be home on my wonderful recliner couch watching the crafting shows I love so much and knitting was heaven. Being stuck at home, unable to move with no kitchen (more on that later) watching awful daytime tv quickly was hell after the first week. At one point while watching a rerun of the Creative Life I wanted to poke my eyes out with my beloved knitting needles!!!

To backtrack, it was my brilliant idea to have Christmas at our house this year cuz the DD was with us. Well with the surgery, the kitchen remodel was finally completed 3 days before Christmas, but still had no electricity in 1/3 of the house....which meant that in order to run the brand new dishwasher, we had to run an extension cord to the livingroom and plug the dishwasher into that.

Christmas was good. We had about 30 people over. I lost track. Started the day with Bloody Marys, uh lets say the only food item I consumed was the tomato juice in the Bloody Mary! Those of you who are divorced with kids know how yucky the holidays can be. On the other hand, it was great to have my family, my wonderful boyfriend's family and awesome friends all at the house.

Spent a quite New Years Eve, don't want to be out on the road with all the drunks.

On the knitting front, the only gift I made this year was a purse for my DD. But I did finish my 2nd pair of fingerless gloves (pics to come later) and I've made tremendous progress on my Cardigan. 2 inches of the body left to do then the sleeves. Very excited to be this close to finishing. I ran out of yarn and had to wait for more to arrive. Oh, oh, big stuff. My incredible mother got me a $100 gift certificate to my favorite LYS for Xmas. Have the projects all picked out, I'm going to make Hopeful and Tempting II by Jenna Adorno. The pattern for Tempting II is here and Hopeful can be found at Jenna's site for $6 which benefits breast cancer research. I'm praying that I can get the yarn for both......maybe I'm optimistic, but hey it could happen. Now if I could just decide on a color! I also received a $25 gift card from Michaels, and with their coupons, I see the needles for these projects!!! Yippee!!!

Well that's about that right now. Happy New Year to all and may 2006 be the best ever.