Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Anybody remember the radio station KMET? The Mighty Met?

Well I WAS going to snap a quick pic of the Slinky Socks for DD, BUT apparently leaving the camera plugged into the computer AFTER transferring pictures depletes the battery! Ahem. Unless I have the charger with me we'll have yet another pictureless post*. The good thing is the socks are coming along swimmingly and DD loves them. I'm 2 inches past the heel and the knitting is actually going quickly.

Ok, how do you make the decision to FINISH one project BEFORE starting another? This is the dilemma. I want to finish these socks! I have enough Knitpicks Shine for 2 projects. Thanks to the wonderfully talented Carrie and her love for this yarn, obsessing over the Shine has taken over my being. Swatching would induce happiness!!! My oh my, what shall I do.

Thought provoking Wendy has set my mind wandering, wondering about my "mother" skills. Those of you with kids and a significant other must know this feeling; the feeling of "I can never complete a task without being interrupted". But after lots of contemplation it came to me: that is what I do. The moment anyone needs me, be it the DD calling "Mommy" or the BF calling "K, K, K" my task can wait, it will be there later. Helping them complete their task; or make breakfast, or make a sandwich, or help find something, or answer a question or give a simple hug is the most important "task" at hand. Isn't that what we as mothers/partners do? I'm a nurturer. That's what I feel good doing. Don't our children need to know they are the most important person in the world to SOMEONE? Not that I'm one of those folks who needs to be needed, believe me I'm not. My quiet, alone time is very precious. Maybe it's the simple fact that my family knows they can count on me and I'm there when they need something. Maybe knowing my actions show them they are loved and cared for. Did I lack that in my childhood? Not really sure, and don't want to go to therapy to answer this question. Hey any time my 16 year old DD asks me to scratch her back at bedtime because she's had a rotten day or needs grounding I'm gonna do it, no matter what my day was like, what I'm in the middle of or what time it is.

Ok, there you go. Have I mentioned yet that I'm so looking forward to my vacations this year????? Camping for two weeks; one with wonderful BF and one just me and DD. Just about a month to wait for the first week. Mobile home on a lake, heaven. He can fish, I can knit and keep the Bloody Marys coming!! Yeah, well maybe dishcloth knitting is in order for that week. Haahaahaa. DD and I are going to a fav campground and my dear parents are letting us use their motorhome. Yeah, right camping you're saying....but in our defense, DD and I do many, many weekends in a tent thank you very much!!


Thank you and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

*As is obvious, the charger is home. :(
**The voices in my head!! LOLOLOL

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