Friday, September 29, 2006

Well well well

Looks like I should read my own blog once in a while. Sorry for the wacky previous post. To begin where "it" left off. Great Dane at the shelter. Was gonna get him. Long story short, he was adopted, thank goodness!!! Beautiful Blue Merle 1 year old baby whose owner passed away. Very sad puppy, not eating and apparently sick. So very glad he was adopted.

This has been a very weird week. It seems my body has decided to start "the change". Ahem. Let me take this opportunity to apologize to my wonderful DD and BF. They do not deserve this. I am normally a very, very, very patient person. Not so much this week. Example, DD and I are very close and have just a ton of fun together, no matter what we're doing......I made her cry twice this week. Example #2: Called WBF, sobbing I said "I have to tell you some things....I made a list of things I haven't told you yet and, and sniffle, snort, sob" Poor guy thought we were breaking up!!! My list? As embarrassing as it is, here goes: 1. I paid the credit card bill on-line as we discussed. 2. Shall I pay sears on-line? 3. DD is going to the football game friday. Yeah...crazy I am. Please, please you two, don't run away, although I wouldn't blame you if you did!!! Hate this. Hate cranky, hate bitchy, hate weepy~~more like sobby, hate anxiousy feeling like I'm gonna explode from the inside.......To my awesome loved ones, please be patient, meds are coming!

What have I been knitting? Put the Somewhat cowl on hold so the 2nd pair of Slinky Socks could be finished for DD. (side note: washed and dried the first pair...bad, do not put in the dryer, shrunk and sorta felted! Upside, they're now mine!) Guess she got loads of complements on a pair of ankle socks I made her and the kids and some of her teachers want to see more!! Go figure that one. The rush is on. And besides, I haven't finished a pair of socks in eons. The Crusoe's are still on the needles!! The excitement I'm feeling about my knitting is a wonderful balance right now. With the DD getting older and all the activities with school, my weekend evenings are spent waiting up for her. (BF works ALL the time and goes to bed very early.) Sure I could clean and do laundry, no thank you. I get closets cleaned out. This Friday and Saturday night are going to be spent in the knitting zone. The desire to finish a top and actually wear it is eerie. It has been the process for me, now I want results. The socks come first, hopefully completed this weekend.

1. Slinky socks
2. Somewhat cowl
3. Crusoe socks
4. finish 2 dishcloths on the needles
5. Square for Grandma Purl

Thank you for indulging my poopy post! Love ya and have a great weekend!!!!

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