Friday, June 09, 2006

"Good Girls Go To Heaven.........

......and bad girls go everywhere." Thank you Meat Loaf. Let's hope my DD doesn't get wind of this, LOLOL. She is the most wonderful child. Not the wild one I was at her age, thank you very much.

Hey all what's up? It's been a long time! Amazing how blogging sometimes takes a backseat to life, hmmm? Remember the accident WBF had back in April and the hit & run 5 weeks later? Well we did have to buy another car. NOW WE HAVE 2 CAR PAYMENTS!!! At least we'll be saving tons on gas (considering the outrageous prices) and car repairs. We got WBF a Tacoma Prerunner. Both trucks are great and we're (I'm) totally enjoying both. Since then I was home with the "creeping crud" that's been going around. Ya know, I'm all for a week at home, but the sick part sucks.

No new pup yet, getting past the Sweet 16 party which is Sunday. It's gonna be a freaking blast.

My "buy no more yarn" went by the wayside Wednesday. I've been sucked in by the Sexy Knitters Club KAL of the Somewhat Cowl Wendy Berhard designed and when I saw Carrieoke's version of Zephyr Style's Green Gable I just had to cave. Placed another order with KnitPicks for Shine Sport for both tops. Everyone raves about this yarn, so giving it a try. My Tempting II is coming along just fine, have about 5 inches of the 1x1 ribbing done. Should I join that SKC KAL? Do I have time? I still have 2 pairs of socks on the needles that really need fininshing. Oh, speaking of socks, the Jaywalkers I gave mom for mother's day? They don't fit. She can't get them over her heels. Drat. On the bright side, I now have my 4th pair of hand knit socks in my drawer, yippee! She took a liking to the Rib & Cable socks from Interweave Knits. They are hers. if I ever finish them.

Picture this....Quiet house, all the "chickens" are where they should sitting on the couch knitting on my TII again up too late, watching a bit of TV......wanna guess what was on? The Story of Heavy Metal (something like that). Ok, so dichotemy or what? Head banging with Metallica, Priest & Maiden......and knitting. Well I found it quite amusing and apparently I'm the only one, hahahaha.....story of my life.

Just heard from WBF, "hey honey, do you want a puppy?" What kind? I ask. "a little white, fluffy one". Guess we're getting a puppy. Gotta find the breede though. Anyone heard of a Dozey?????

One day I'll remember my camera and post pics of the socks & TII. Love ya all, have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

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