Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Good Morning

What a fine Thursday morning. Hey what's up with the weather here in Sunny So Cal??? Yessiree it's sunny, but it's colder than crap. Granted as ready as I was for colder weather, a gradual decline in temp would have been perfect. This going from 80 degrees to 55 degrees and freakin' windy is not quite what I wanted!!! At least I get to wear my scarves and socks.

Quick note on Thanksgiving (or is it too late?) heck here it is. IT WAS THE BEST THANKSGIVINGS I'VE HAD IN 8 YEARS. Had DD the whole day, mom and dad came over and we had a fantastic day. Our first turkey we ever made came out great they said (I'm a veg). Played Texas hold'em later, taught the kid how to play. She's good!! Anyway it was awesome.

You gotta go to StitchDiva. Ms. Knit and Tonic herself has a great new pattern which I've just purchased. Her designs are just awesome.

Sock news: starting the toe on BF's mom's socks. They are turning out quite cute. Then on to the second pair. I promise pics on my next post. I love Cascade Fixation.

Hockey news: Kings rock. They have won their last two games. Let's hope for another tonight against the Coyotes.

(HAVE. TO. BUY. YARN.) Just have to. I got my new KnitPicks needles. and some Essential Tweed yarn in purple so soft and wonderful. Still trying to decide on which sock pattern to use for these. Guess I have time. Suggestions are welcome.

This reminds me: Since I've received my new needles; I have 2 Addi turbo circs, both 3mm one is 32" and the other is 24" (I'm guessing on that it says 60cm). Might have the packages. If anyone is interested, email me at oshnpashn at yahoo dot com and we can work out a trade or something. Let's see, hmmmm. Oh yeah. Jealous people suck.

Work is winding down for the semester. My day today trying to look busy. Nothing really to do. Awesome. Uh, except for this meeting I have to leave for now!!! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Howdy Doody happy knitters

Yessiree Bob, I'm amped today. Even Mom noticed when I phone chatted with her this morning. Could it be a feeling of accomplishment? (cleaned the house yesterday and it didn't take but 2 hours!!) Could it be DD and I had a great weekend watching a couple dorky movies and going to a hockey game (finally the Kings won) with her BF? (my BF has been out of town since Thursday). Could it be my BF is coming home today? (Yippee, oh yeah!) Ah, it's all of the above. Let's not forget it's a short work week; Thanksgiving is at my house this year. Mom, Dad, DD, BF and me. We're gonna break the DD in at Texas Hold'em....I figure this way when she's playing strip poker she'll keep all her clothes on, LOLOL. Gonna be interesting, especially since Mom stated that last Christmas was the worst Christmas ever (it was at my house) Dear Readers, yes there's already a couple bottles of wine chilling in the fridge. Here's hoping Mom will indulge!!!

Anyhoo, on the knitting front, I'm well on to making BF's mom a pair of Fast Florida Footies. Her kids moved her to Reno (which is why BF was out of town.) and she's very excited that I'd make her a pair of socks. Oh pahleeze. Socks=my fav things to knit. I got enough to make 2 pairs. One fairly subdued, and the other bright, bright, bright. Actually got them from Angelikas Yarn Store. My first order from her and WOW, talk about fast shipping. I ordered them Tuesday and had them by Thursday. Add that to your list of on-line yarn stores. So now the Crusoe's and the SWC are back on hold. It's so nice to have many projects lined up! One amazing realization I had---whenever I knit with Cascade Fixation I use my 3.0mm Addis. Well after using the Knit Picks Options circular needles (remember I do 2 on 2) I feel like I have to wrestle my Addis into submission. What to do? Do I remain faithful to my Addis and struggle, or do I buy more Options????? Leaning toward the Options??? Yepper! When this rambling post is finished, popping on over to order the needles. So if anyone's interested in a trade or something, I'll have two 3.0mm Addi turbos available. Let me apologize once again for the lack of photos. Can't seem to remember to take any!!! Okay, back to work. Should anything else pop into my head, I'll be back!!!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time (not enough)

Want to knit, have to knit. Time for knitting? Not so much. Wish. There. Was. More. Even lunch break knitting has been nonexistant. Getting to work late or picking up DD or running errands...aakkk. Hmmm maybe on the way to Vegas Friday. Oh yeah, had a great big surprise from my WBF last night. We're seeing the Stones at the MGM Grand on Saturday night!!! Yip, yip, yippee. What a guy. Been planning this for 4 months in cahoots with my DD and mom. Nobody slipped, nobody gave anything away. We'll also be catching the Las Vegas Wranglers game Friday. Hockey good. WBF's sisters will be in town; 2 are going with us. WTF, this is gonna be a blast weekend. It's funny (not haha) that I have more fun with his siblings than my own sister. She and I are not exactly on the same wavelength; or in the same universe for that matter. Oh well.

Anywho, I have been getting a little knitting on my SWC lately, just not enough for me. I will try to finish my Crusoe socks (yes, i'm still working on those, don't rub it in, or snicker) So many things I want to make......I have this obsession lately to MAKE LOTS OF THINGS!!!! To just sit on my ass and MAKE SHIT. Waiting for the mail carrier to bring my Try-it-on-tubing. I hate waiting.

Wow, this is such a whiney-ass post today. Nothing profound, nothing deep. I don't even have that "I feel sorry for myself" feeling. Cuz I don't.

Going to vote after work, hope you all did too. It's important. Hey it's Tuesday!!! DD and I have a date with Gilmore Girls.

Gotta go, bye