Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh, barely any time

Hi there. Here it is in a nutshell: Been trying to finish Socks for the SAM3 Feb submission and a logcabin blanket for DD. Getting more organized at home. Got a new laptop for home. BF and I haven't had our own computer for a couple years now. We've been using DDs and well it became apparent we needed our own. Her homework, his teaching, one computer, house very loud. You do the math. It's a great little laptop. Has the new Vista operating system on it which with just a cursery visit seems fine. Although my favorite game is on already. Majhong!! So what do I want to do this weekend? I'm sure you can guess. Knit. Or even finish up some other projects I have hanging around. Hmmmm maybe. Ooops, nope, we're going to my parents at 8am tomorrow morning to remove wallpaper. A blast will be had by all!!! Well all have a great weekend and should i have some xtra time, i'll post some pix!!!