Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quick quick quick

Time for only a quick update ...... well since I'm a bit wordy this post will be longer than I planned!! LOLOL Anyway, finally have a picture of my 2nd pair of gloves for the Peaceful Palms KAL Image hosting by Photobucket, Image hosting by Photobucketyeah, they are fingerless....uh yeah, they're long......I finished them while recovering from surgery and that damned Percocet really does a number on your perception of what is long enough for gloves. But I love them, they're warm and I can roll them down when I smoke!! Here's a Sonnet sleeveImage hosting by Photobucket Now for socks! My DD's socks Image hosting by Photobucket My socks, Image hosting by Photobucket well, it's half of 2 pairs. The mates have either been swallowed by the clothes dryer or they're under my bed, Ahem. Please believe me they are completed.....I used the Fast Florida Footies and the only modification was the toe. I used the German Round Toe which is very comfy. So there are my 3 pair of completed socks. Well gotta run. Gotta finish stuff at work; we're leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning!! Yippee


Lynda said...

I LOVE the footies! - especially the ones that match those handwarmers! That's beautiful yarn!

I sure hope those others come out of hiding!

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