Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yarn Jones

Yepper, it's hit and hit hard. Sitting here at work listening to an awesome CD the awesome BF burned for me and WHAMMO~~Jonesing for yarn, can't help myself. It comes on a particularly well planned day it seems. Last week I told a friend of mine I'd take her to the yarn store to buy sock yarn. She's a student and I'd told her a long time a go I'd make her a pair of socks. Today is the day!!! Yippee. Gotta check out the yarn for my next project too (the Tempting II or Hopeful I mentioned in a previous post.) Please cross your fingers that I can get the yarn for both. Thank you Mommy for the gift certificate. Oh by the way, my LYS, Knit One Purl One in Granada Hills, rocks. The owners are wonderful. The location is perfect for me, I get to pass by everyday on the way to retrieve my DD from my parents house. The knitting list in my head is growing: Finish Sonnet, redo the toe on my socks, knit the socks for student friend, TemptingII or Hopeful, dish cloths, gift for the BF's niece who's pregnant, try Fair Isle (maybe a pair of socks for me?) Grumperina's Jaywalker socks for me, rug for DD's redecorated bathroom. Uh, does anyone know where I can get paid handsomely for knitting my stuff all day???? If you do, please part with the info.

On the hockey front, the Kings lost again last night. Worst of all to the Ducks. Drag city. They were doing so well again. Progress not perfection (another of my mantras) They're at home next Tuesday but we can't go, DD has finals....damn. She and I have such a great time every time we go. Go Kings Go!!!

Hey and what's up with Michael's and JoAnn's~~~no coupons in the Sunday paper. How dare they, I need needles!! Oh well, be patient Kelly....you know you're not going to start TII or Hopeful in the next 2 weeks anyway.

We're headed for Vegas next week to help the mom of the BF move uh and maybe get into a casino or five. Love to play the ponies!! ok, back to work......

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Lynda said...

Kelly - of course you can join CountYourSocks - the more the merrier!! I'll add you right now!