Friday, March 03, 2006


Didn't realize it had been quite so long since I posted. Hmmm. Anyway, sock news....I'm Jaywalkin'!!! Sorta. Don't know if they qualify as the "Drunken Jaywalkers" I've heard about, but you can definately tell the knitting I've done while drinking! Got some wonky parts in the legs, but the pattern is wonderful, easy to memorize and fun to knit. Got 5 inches of the leg done. Not too bad. Loving the yarn and the new circs are lovely. Took the pics, but alas as usual I forgot the transfer cord....Ahem.

Tada, placed my first order with Knitpicks for sock yarn. I had no idea their shipping rates were so reasonable. Ordered for 2 pairs of socks. Read great stuff about them on other blogs so I'll let you know when I get the package. Gotta start stocking up for vacation knitting. Made those reservations yesterday. A week by the lake with BF; and a week in Solvang with my lovely DD. Can't wait...

Obsessive personality? Not me......sheesh, I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS. Let me ask you a question, and please honestly answer: Selfish knitting~~the WIPs and future projects I have are all for me. Is it selfish to knit for yourself when people around you are having babies, birthdays and other such celebrations? Mind you, I'm gonna finish all these projects and I do charity awful am I cuz I don't feel like knitting for anyone else but me????

The Kings kicked the butts of the Minnesota Wild last night~~Welcome Back Kings!! Had a blast with my friend, she's the only person I know who loves Hockey, loves to Knit and loves a bit of alcohol like me! This weekend is a hockey weekend. Saturday DD and I have a game. Sunday she and I are going to the Tip-A-King charity event. That's where you "tip" the players for an autograph or a photo. She's very excited.....Actually our friend is more excited than we are. And he's actually embarassed but not really you know? He's is plain awesome.

Even 8 years after the start of the "process" Divorce Sucks. Sometimes I think, "get over it" it's been a long time already. When I start to believe I am over it, I hear a song or something that brings the whole nasty thing, reason back. Let me clarify "it" for you. I wanted the divorce, I was the one who left. The reasons are awful and the only detail I'll give is restraining orders are involved. Maybe it's still unfathomable to me that one person could treat the person he loves so horribly in the name of love of course. It's unfathomable to me that a father could play mind games with his DDs; that a father would encourage alienation from a mother; that a father could ...oh god, never mind Get over it.

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