Monday, April 10, 2006

Ah, Good Weekend.

Ok, well we got the Miniature Pinscher , uh excuse me "Min Pin" for those in the know, who knew? and yes named him Fang. He is the cutest thing. I arrived at the pound at 7:35am on a Friday morning, a day off mind you, to find 3 other "couples" there as well. We all went up into a covered area before the pound opened and yet another woman and her mother arrived. Turns out she was from a rescue. My mind was going "please don't be here for DDs dog" and "what am I gonna do if these people bid on him?" There was a very well-to-do elderly gentleman and his brother-in-law; a young couple and their 1 year old daughter; a cradle robber and his trophy wife,which in my estimation neither of them was much to write home about....I digress.... I'm thinking, how am I gonna bit against the couplel with the baby??? I'm not gonna be able to bid as much as the elderly gentleman......WHAT EVER SHALL I DO...that dog has got to come home with me. Well the rescue lady finally asks if we're all there for the auction. I say I hope there's no auction...and as it turns out they were all there for a little poodle!!!! Yippee Yippee Yippee. The doors opened at 8am; I found an employee and at 8:01am Fang was having his exam by the vet....8:35am I was walking out the door with all his papers, license etc. Poor baby had to go get the old snipperoo done. We've had him for just over a week now and he's just the cuddliest lap dog. He loves to chew my feet, shoes when I'm walking??? Just me. Princess loves him and he adores her. DD is in heaven. He sits on her lap while she's doing homework, he does the cutest thing, he goes UNDER the covers and loves it. We're just one big happy unit again, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 adults.....ah it's a beautiful life.

Crappy stuff going on with DD which I can't get into here right now, but for her in the long run, and me forever it's gonna be good.

WBF had his truck totalled Weds. He drives a 1992 Ford F150, Detroit steel with a shell. He was hit by some one coming out of an alley/driveway, physics must have kicked in and he spun and spun and totalled 2 cars parked on the street before he stopped in the northbound lane facing south. He was not hurt, thank you universe for watching over him.

Weekend, since the title of the post is Ah, Good Weekend I'd better get to it. DD and I had some alone time. WBF worked out of town. She had a girls night out friday, saturday took her to get her hair cut (which she hates); then to a hockey game. Ya know I love a good movie as much as the next person, put when filming PLEASE DON'T BLOCK STREETS TO STAPLES!!! DD and I ended up in a part of downtown I'd never been to, didn't know where in blazes I was. DD did not know I was the least bit concerned, that's what mom's do. Luckily I have a very good sense of direction and was able to get us to our destination without mishap. Some days, I'm good!! Then after the game, (oh by the way KINGS SUCK, Yeah we're sending our next year's season ticket deposit this week. Ahem.) she spent most of the evening on the phone. She's a teenager, it's okay. I got some knitting done....are you ready....are you sitting down....drumroll please.......the knitting on Sonnet is complete!! Yes complete I tell you. Just gotta seam it all up and wear it before it becomes 100degrees!!!! Did a couple rows on my IK rib and cable socks....gotta get the Jaywalkers "fixed" so I can finish those up too!!!! Never enough knitting time. Did place another order with Knitpicks, found a great sock pattern, here at Magknits. DD loved them..wanted them, so of course I bought yarn for them. She chose Sock Garden in the Star Gazer colorway for these Slinky Socks. Remember the new Knitty is up...check out the pedicure socks!!

Pics of all this later....forgot the camera at home again. Work should be slow this week, it's spring break for us. What am I gonna make for dinner tonight??? WBF brought a cake home for me yesterday (I love cake) that will be fine thank you very much.

You all have an awesomey blossomy day and should I remember my camera tomorrow, those promised pics.

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