Monday, January 09, 2006

Where is January going????

Yes it's only the 9th, but my gosh. It seems like we were just getting ready for Xmas! Anyway, I've been contemplating my goals for the year~~nope, nope, nope I'm not calling them resolutions and you can't make me~~guess it's time to stop contemplating and get them written so I'm accountable? Here goes and in no particular order of importance:

1. Be a better mother. This has been on my list since I had my first child 20 years ago. They're both good kids so i guess I'm doing okay.....just the guilt factor!

2. Be a better correspondant: I have so many friends in other states or in No. Cal. I just don't email enough and I want them to know they ARE important to me.

3. Keep up on household chores: We've done a lot on the house and I want it to always look nice. Which, according to my parents and my wonderful BF, I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. The house is not "dirty" just cluttered most of the time. Being off most of December showed me that it's not really ME. The house looked great while I was home after the holidays; kept up with the laundry, kitchen was always clean, bathroom sinks uncluttered. Very calming. Then back to work came and the regular routine, kids to school, work, pick up kids, home make dinner, etc., etc., etc!! All I really want to do after all that is sit quietly and knit!

4. Break the habit of rewarding myself with knitting (or any kind of crafting) BEFORE I do the "work". Bad, bad, bad.

5. I will continue my motto "I will not should on myself".

6. Have only 1 at home project and 1 take a long project. In other words, finish one thing before starting another.

7. Read at least one book a month.

8. Drink water. The only liquid I consume on a daily basis is mega amounts of coffee.

Enough of that for now, or I'll cry.

On the Knitting Knews: I have completed the body of Sonnet and cast on for the first sleeve. Hey maybe the sleeves can be my take along project too. I love it when I have a great idea. I did make a cute purse for my DD for Xmas. Today on my lunch break socks are going to be repaired. If I can ever remember to take pix I'll post them.

The weekend was wonderful, quiet, pretty much stayed at home. I do love my home. Gotta work. Have a marvy day..

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