Thursday, August 10, 2006


My, my, my how time flies. Had a wonderful vacation last week with the BF. Eastern Sierra's are gorgeous. Lots of fun and relaxation was had by all. His sister and her husband joined us for a couple days then we drove to Reno for a day. Can't begin to tell you how great this was.

This week has been spent catching up on work and getting ready for my next vacation which begins Saturday, this one with the DD!! Lovely. So this post is mighty quick. Anyway, will post pics of my lastest sock completion (August for the 2nd Sock a month kal) soon I hope. That KAL keeps me right on moving. Yippee. Also doing baby knitting; no not for me (bite your tongue) for my cousin.

Everyone have an absolutely marvelous week, catch ya when I get back.

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Jennifer said...

Have a lovely trip!