Friday, June 16, 2006

Finally Friday

What a week. It seems the "weather" has hit us. Santa Ana's in June???? Crap, what is September gonna be like I wonder. It's supposed to hit at least 90 degrees today. Oh well, at least I have air conditioning and a pool, it could be worse.

DDs sweet 16 party was a huge success. A few snags: The DJ went to our house~~the party was at my parent's. So he was 10 minutes late. The bag 'o cheese for the nacho machine blopped out on my hand. Ever had thick, yellow lava on your hand? The dancing, the moon bounce, the cake was gorgeous and delicious. Party busses showed on time, the skating was fun, fun. The 40 kids were very well behaved even with a pool. Hmmm did the 2 HUGE guys wearing shirts with SECURITY across the front help? I think so. This is something she will remember forever. Monday was a day filled with sweet exhaustion after the clean up.

Knitting news. Have made a bit of progress on DDs Slinky socks. I'm using Knitpicks Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily (sorry the link doesn't have that colorway pictured). They are fast and fun. The Tempting II is taking a rest. Waiting very impatiently for my shipment from Knitpicks which should arrive today. Yes I check "order status" every freakin' day!!

Stumbled upon a Cascade Fixation Ankle Sock KAL I just HAD to join...see the cute button on the side bar. Fixation makes the best socks. Won't be able to do a pair for a while, but hey I'm a joiner.

New Rule: I will comment on the blogs I read. Thanks to Grumperina for the motivation. I know I often wonder why there are few comments on my blog thinking no one is reading. Then the lightbulb goes on: How often do I comment? Rarely. So now the folks who write the blogs I read will know they have at least one reader! Understand, not every one will have a comment daily, but I am delurking!!! Which leads to why we blog. Why do you blog? Is it a diary kind of experience for you? Is it a way to connect with others, or is it just fun? Is the anonymity important? Me it's all of those. Does the concrete evidence that others are reading my blog really matter? No. If my blog can produce a laugh, or some emotion it's fine. Okay, bottom line.....comments are people comment on the blogs you read....have some fun.

I'm done. Thank you, ahem.

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