Monday, February 13, 2006


Sheesh, can't think of a creative title every time I post!!! Just a few updates, sans pix this time. Thank you to those who sent heartfelt comments about our Penelope. She was the sweetest dog and got my DD through a lot. On that note, my DD and I went to the animal shelter Friday and she found 4 dogs she liked. We'll go back tomorrow and she can decide which one she wants. Going there is so hard!! I want to take every single dog and cat home with me. We planned on going back Saturday but didn't have time after the Kings game. It's hard to make it from downtown, to the south end of the valley, then to the sorta west end of the valley in one hour!! It will be good for our other dog Princess, she's never been alone and is very sad right now.

Finished another pair of socks this weekend. Because I hurt my back last week I was home from work Thursday and Friday and had lots of knitting time. Also cast on the second sleeve for Sonnet. Now on to Jaywalkers. Got the needles and the yarn, hmmmmm should I cast on the socks or work on sonnet tonight???? Quandry! Have a marvy night and I'll post pix later this week.

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