Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Short and Sweet Tuesday

Whew, a whole week just flew by!! Just a quicky here today: Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was blissfully uneventful. Hard to do in an Italian family!!

Disaster (almost) on Sonnet......I don't think I'm gonna have enough yarn~~~but found a couple of suppliers on line (another whew!) Shoulda been socks gloves for the 2nd installment of Peaceful Palms KAL are coming right along...another modification on those, they're gonna be totally fingerless....want to wear them, have to wear them, need to wear them. They'll be done by the end of the week. I'll have loads of knitting time Thursday. Remember the "supposed to be home" entry? Well the "procedure" will be tomorrow afternoon and I WILL BE HOME THURSDAY.

On the house updating front; the new plaster on the pool isn't curing right. The black-bottom pool is now a white, gray splotchy mess. We are camping in our house. No kitchen, the granite guys showed up this morning to demo the tile in the kitchen. Coffee maker is in the bathroom, microwave is in the laundry room, stove is in the corner of the kitchen, everything in the cabinets is in the office or on a table (which use to be used for scrapbooking) in the living room, pots and pans are on a bookshelf in the living room. Uh, who's idea was it to have Christmas at our house this year??? Uh, that would be ME!! Thank the universe my wonderful BF has patience and loves me in spite of my hairbrained ideas.

Had the most marvelous evening last night with my DD. We went to hockey with a Detroit friend of ours. Detroit ran all over the Kings, but was a great game. And to all the Kings fans~~hate to say it, but Detroit DOESN'T suck!

Ok time to go....not as short as I expected.....I talk a lot.

Have a great day, be Safe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stuff, Stuff and the Holidays Suck

Betcha can't tell the mood today by the title of this post!! As much as I love seeing family the holidays suck. Being divorced and having kids really takes the suckage to a new level. You gotta remember which parent has the kids on which holiday every year; where and when they're getting picked up/dropped off; the "where are the kids?" every other year by stinky "related-by-marriage" folks who know perfectly well that the kids are with their dad. It's not like this is a new thing either~~it's been going on since 1998 for gawd sakes. Not to mention how fun it is to be with everyone and their kids (who I love dearly) and your kids not being with you. Yepper, just warms the heart. I've stopped going to the family holiday things when I don't have my kids, it's just too painful. Bombay Sapphire is just the trick!!! Thankfully this is my year for Christmas and it's at my house to boot, this I'm excited about. Okay enough of that.

Here are pics of my 2nd pair of gloves for the Peaceful Palms KAL. Been trying to come up with a name for them and they are affectionately called "My Shoulda Been Socks Gloves". I'm very pleased with them, and they should be done by the time the cold weather hits sunny So Cal. Soon I'll have to decide on colors for the fingers. So many yarns to choose from. Do I go with my favorite color purple? Do I mix purple and black, which will match the awesome Los Angeles Kings, do I make each finger a completely different color? Suppose my mood at the time will dictate color choice.

As for Sonnet, it's coming along nicely; working on the back now. This is such a great cardigan to knit. It's the first cardigan and first knit in one piece (almost) garment I've knitted. The only sewing/seaming is the sleeves. Quite enjoying the garter stitch, very calming.

One more thing then I shall be quite finished for today (if you're lucky, ha) I joined this wonderful Sexy Knitters Club, go check it out. It's gonna be great fun. Well I think that's it for today! Have a wonderful day and a great Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Doctors, Gloves & I Was Supposed to be Home Today

Here I am at work today. All the anticipation of being home.......ok the story goes (so you're not lost!) Yesterday I was scheduled to have a "procedure" (the Doctors reference in the title) after sitting in the office for an hour, sitting in the room for an hour the procedure was rescheduled. Mix up with the other doctors involved, can this be done in the office or in the hospital, yada yada yada. No procedure, I don't get to be home recouperating, knitting and making some beaded Xmas gifts all day with a Bloody Mary or four. So now I'm looking forward to the 30th, the resched date which is also the date our kitchen is going to be torn apart.....Ahem.

Hey it's November....it's really hard to be excited about knitting a cardigan and gloves when it's 90 degrees!!! Love California, the lifestyle, the weather, but come on now~~~I'm ready for a little drop in the temperature, maybe so I can actually wear the gloves and cardigan!!!

These are the gloves I'm working on right now, second pair for the Peaceful Palms KAL hosted by Nona. They actually started out as Crusoe socks from Knitty. After trying them on and finding them too small, gloves seemed the next best choice can start the increases for the thumb and keep on rollin'; and again I'm using the HFM pattern from Marnie Maclean, knitting them 2 at a time on 2 circs. Love that method. Obviously I have a bit of a problem with yarn tangles, but hey it goes with the territory. Time for more coffee cuz around here I'm known as the
Java Queen!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wonderful Weekend Had By Me

Ok, what could be better!!! Knitting while watching a hockey game and consuming beer!!! Yes, yes, yes. I was in heaven. Needed to relax a bit. Saturday consisted of LOTS of errands including 2 home improvement stores, grocery store, post office, paint store, mom's, sisters to pick up a nephew, pool supply store, then home~~where I found our contractor friend moving the electrical outlets in the kitchen. (We're having granite installed soon.), nephew #2 was dropped off, delivered nephew #1 to baseball practice, took nephew to home improvement store #2 then back to baseball field. Whew!!! It was a great day. I love those boys. Didn't get to knit one little stitch until about 6pm!!

Here's progress on Sonnet:

This I worked on while watching the Kings Rule over Columbus. 8-2. That's what I call a hockey game!!!

While I'm at it, since I joined the Purling Pups Webring, here's a pic of my pups!!

Aren't they the sweetest things. Both rescues from Gentle Giants. I have a link on the right. Yes they're big, a Great Dane and a Mastiff (think she's a mix) Sorry about her scarey eyes. But she's very happy the pool is refilled again~~she thinks it's her very own bathtub. Have a happy dappy day.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Love Hockey~~~Hate Contractors~~Love Sonnet

Happy wonderful Wednesday. LA Kings play the demonic Detriot Red Wings tonight. Please let me make it home in time for the start. Should the Kings lose tonight, I'm in for it. Have a dear friend who is from Detriot and can he ever talk, uh gloat! Go Kings Go

Having some work done on the house......contractors suck. Oh, they're so nice while giving an estimate, but once you sign on the dotted line, watch out. The pool people.....sheesh, magically we're on the schedule for tomorrow (every time I call!) Supposed to be tiling today, and guess what IT'S RAINING. I know, it's not their fault. Let's not even talk about the floor folks. As long as everything is done by christmas, which I brilliantly wanted to have at our house this year, Ahem......

Sonnet, lovely Sonnet you are so much fun to knit. Here are the pics so far (yes I'm trying again!)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The second is a closeup of the box stitch, the first progress!! (heh heh heh, the pics worked!)Soon it's going to be too big to be a "take along" project so I've decided the socks that are too small will now become tipless gloves for the Peaceful Palms KAL and continue as the take along. And I don't have to frog them. Is that cheating on the KAL? Wow, I just realized that the 2 projects I'm working on right now are for ME!! Tres cool. TTFN

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Having Fun with the Camera!!!

The wonderful BF got me a great digital camera for my bday a few months ago. It's so much fun. So here is another pic of the finished Image hosted by Photobucket.com Horray for Me tipless gloves. I loved working the pattern. The next pair will be multicolor.

These two are of my latest WIP the Sonnet cardigan. The first (should be a picture of) the start of the right front and the second (should be a picture of) a close up of the box stitch that (take my word for it) looks awesome!!! This pattern is fantastic and easy to follow. Note to self: practice on the picture taking and resizing and posting!! Let's plan on the pictures later in the week!!! Please be patient, I'm new at this!!! Back to work!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Happy Hazy Monday Morning

Excuse the rather LARGE and not so attractive picture of my (yes indeedy) finished Peaceful Palms KAL DD’s tipless gloves. Still trying to get this blogging thing down! And apparently picture taking as well. Will take more tonight. Weekend was wonderful! Hockey on Saturday, Kings won in a shoot out, Oh Yes.

On the knitting front, the cardigan pattern has been found for the frogged tank and I’m already 4 ½ inches into the knitting. It’s this great Sonnet pattern and is knitting up fast and I’m loving the pattern. Pics to come.

That’s it for now.

edited--ok, i fixed the pic, so now it's not so large!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Day of Discoveries....

Crap. #1: I've got this cute little t-back tank I've been working on since, oh.....June (which was supposed to be finished before a vacation at the end of June) still not finished~~~my darling DD wanted a few things, so of course those came first, gladly!!! Well I finally got the tank to the point where I could kinda baste the side seams to try it on; guess what comes next!! I HAVE TO RIP THE WHOLE THING. It's too big!! It's out of this great Paton's Fresco tape yarn in lovely lavendar...oh so very sad. The search is now on for a great cardigan or v-neck sweater to make out of this yarn instead. Much too sad to re-do the tank.

#2: Cute socks 1/2 way done; too small....great. Maybe turn them into gloves????? Nope, gonna RIP them too cuz making socks is so much fun!!

#3: I finished the tipless gloves I was making for the Peaceful Palms KAL that Nona is hosting. She loves them!!! This is not crappy!!!

So all in all, I finished DD's tipless gloves!!! That's a very good thing. As she is 15, I'm gonna keep making her stuff for as long as she wants them. On to the pattern hunt!!

PS: Gotta be sure to bring the camera!!! Sorry no pics, maybe next week!!!