Thursday, November 17, 2005

Doctors, Gloves & I Was Supposed to be Home Today

Here I am at work today. All the anticipation of being home.......ok the story goes (so you're not lost!) Yesterday I was scheduled to have a "procedure" (the Doctors reference in the title) after sitting in the office for an hour, sitting in the room for an hour the procedure was rescheduled. Mix up with the other doctors involved, can this be done in the office or in the hospital, yada yada yada. No procedure, I don't get to be home recouperating, knitting and making some beaded Xmas gifts all day with a Bloody Mary or four. So now I'm looking forward to the 30th, the resched date which is also the date our kitchen is going to be torn apart.....Ahem.

Hey it's's really hard to be excited about knitting a cardigan and gloves when it's 90 degrees!!! Love California, the lifestyle, the weather, but come on now~~~I'm ready for a little drop in the temperature, maybe so I can actually wear the gloves and cardigan!!!

These are the gloves I'm working on right now, second pair for the Peaceful Palms KAL hosted by Nona. They actually started out as Crusoe socks from Knitty. After trying them on and finding them too small, gloves seemed the next best choice can start the increases for the thumb and keep on rollin'; and again I'm using the HFM pattern from Marnie Maclean, knitting them 2 at a time on 2 circs. Love that method. Obviously I have a bit of a problem with yarn tangles, but hey it goes with the territory. Time for more coffee cuz around here I'm known as the
Java Queen!!!

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