Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Short and Sweet Tuesday

Whew, a whole week just flew by!! Just a quicky here today: Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was blissfully uneventful. Hard to do in an Italian family!!

Disaster (almost) on Sonnet......I don't think I'm gonna have enough yarn~~~but found a couple of suppliers on line (another whew!) Shoulda been socks gloves for the 2nd installment of Peaceful Palms KAL are coming right along...another modification on those, they're gonna be totally fingerless....want to wear them, have to wear them, need to wear them. They'll be done by the end of the week. I'll have loads of knitting time Thursday. Remember the "supposed to be home" entry? Well the "procedure" will be tomorrow afternoon and I WILL BE HOME THURSDAY.

On the house updating front; the new plaster on the pool isn't curing right. The black-bottom pool is now a white, gray splotchy mess. We are camping in our house. No kitchen, the granite guys showed up this morning to demo the tile in the kitchen. Coffee maker is in the bathroom, microwave is in the laundry room, stove is in the corner of the kitchen, everything in the cabinets is in the office or on a table (which use to be used for scrapbooking) in the living room, pots and pans are on a bookshelf in the living room. Uh, who's idea was it to have Christmas at our house this year??? Uh, that would be ME!! Thank the universe my wonderful BF has patience and loves me in spite of my hairbrained ideas.

Had the most marvelous evening last night with my DD. We went to hockey with a Detroit friend of ours. Detroit ran all over the Kings, but was a great game. And to all the Kings fans~~hate to say it, but Detroit DOESN'T suck!

Ok time to go....not as short as I expected.....I talk a lot.

Have a great day, be Safe.

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