Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Day of Discoveries....

Crap. #1: I've got this cute little t-back tank I've been working on since, oh.....June (which was supposed to be finished before a vacation at the end of June) still not finished~~~my darling DD wanted a few things, so of course those came first, gladly!!! Well I finally got the tank to the point where I could kinda baste the side seams to try it on; guess what comes next!! I HAVE TO RIP THE WHOLE THING. It's too big!! It's out of this great Paton's Fresco tape yarn in lovely lavendar...oh so very sad. The search is now on for a great cardigan or v-neck sweater to make out of this yarn instead. Much too sad to re-do the tank.

#2: Cute socks 1/2 way done; too small....great. Maybe turn them into gloves????? Nope, gonna RIP them too cuz making socks is so much fun!!

#3: I finished the tipless gloves I was making for the Peaceful Palms KAL that Nona is hosting. She loves them!!! This is not crappy!!!

So all in all, I finished DD's tipless gloves!!! That's a very good thing. As she is 15, I'm gonna keep making her stuff for as long as she wants them. On to the pattern hunt!!

PS: Gotta be sure to bring the camera!!! Sorry no pics, maybe next week!!!

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