Friday, May 19, 2006

Finished Jaywalkers and Pix!!!

Here they are!! Very exciting. They're a bit wonky but with blocking they'll be great. I had a great time knitting these. The pattern is very easy to memorize. Thank you most talented Grumperina.
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Now let's hope Mom likes them. I think she will. Oh boy, I get to report finished socks to the Count your Socks update my sock counter and Two-Thousand-Socks and (oh my, brain fart) can't recall the 3rd site,hmmmmm, think, think, think......I got it!!! The Sock a month knitalong, damn gotta get those buttons! Helps me remember, ahem. Gotta run.....Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bad, Bad, Bad Blogger--and no Pix!!

I am, yes I am. My defense is a bit weak but you can judge that for yourself. To recap: BFs accident~~Bad; I got a brand new truck out of the deal~~Good. Crap with DD~~Very Bad; I have her all the time~~Very, very good; Fang bit me at training~~Bad; had to take him back~~very heartbreaking. Mom & Dad on a 3 week vacation~~Good for them. Planning a sweet 16 party~~Very, very busy. Hit and run at our house Monday night~~Very, very, very Bad. This jerk pushed the van 3feet and put it up on the curb, proceeded to ram through our IRON fence, drive across the neighbor's lawn, drive OVER a tree (which cameout by the roots) hit another tree, leave skid marks on the curb across the street and get away. Now can anyone tell me how the hell this car was still moving???? It's freaking beyond me. This idiot didn't even hit the breaks at all. So now we have to put in another claim on our auto insurance. Uh, hello, we just did this a month ago. Hopefully they can fix the van, please pray there's no axel or frame damage, we really can't do another car payment. Let's I forgetting anything???? Oh yeah, my "no more yarn for a while" promise to me. It's been close to a month since I've purchased ANY yarn ( I did find a dozen circular needles at a thrift store for 6 bucks!!) It's tough!!!

So needless to say, knitting and other forms of relaxation or recreation have taken such a backseat....slow and steady we go. Well, I have only one sleeve to attach to Sonnet and she will be done, and a gift for my sister. She's not quite "me" . Finally at the toe on the Jaywalkers for mom for Mother's Day. Yes late but she wasn't here on mom's day. My neglectfulness is understandable, Yes? Maybe?

Speaking of Mother's Day. This was an awesome day. DD made my favorite breakfast: Pancakes with peanutbutter and golden raisins with a cup of yogurt and coffee. DD and BF cleaned the house while I sat on the couch and knitted! They prepared a wonderful bbq for dinner and DD and I did a Gilmore Girls marathon!!! Oh yes. Didn't hear from my oldest DD, but BFs DD called me and I was very touched.

Anyway, at least we've decided on getting another Great Dane possibly a puppy. DD decided actually. What a great kid she is. Despite all the angst and stress she's going through right now, she's just an angel. But with the fence being damaged, we should probably wait until that gets fixed......I want one now!!! I'll knit them matching collars. Haahahahahah

One rant before I go: I am so sick of selfish people. Selfish people in general. Those who think their lives are more important than anyone else's. Poo on them.

Have a marvy rest of the week and hopefully I can post more often!!