Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New "Blogger"?????

Okay, here's a test post to see what's so great about the new blogger. Hmmm. First thing I don't like is that I had to move my blog. Trying to accept an invitation to the Sock a month KAL3. Then I had to create another account on old blogger to be able to accept the invite. Makes no freaking sense to me.

Picture was added okay......i don't have time for this right now!!! Why? Oh why did you make me move!!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

For the Love of Blankies

In doing my morning blog reading it was The Blue Blog's turn. Today's entry struck me. Kids and their blankies. Are mommy-made, given-to-by-mommy blankies always their favorites? My 21year old DD still has her "bobby"; one of those with the satin binding which she used to rub while she was falling asleep. Well "bobby" is now a king-size blanket which used to be on my bed (before her dad and I split up)--she got custody of that! Over the years I've sewn (by sewn I mean by 4 yards of fleece and machine sewn the binding on) a couple of blankets for my youngest DD. She loves them. More than the same type made for her by aunties and crocheted ones made by grandma. My latest project is a log cabin style blanket, inspiration from the Mason Dixon gals and the MDKAL, which I'm calling the "Now It's a Blanket" because it started out as a rug. DD loved the pattern and said "oh man you should make that a blanket, it's so soft." Any mother of a teen daughter would have done the same thing. "Ok honey, a blanket for you it is!" Beaming I set forth with a vengence on this blanket. It's made with Sugar and Cream, 2 strands (one solid color, one variegated). this is growing quickly. Last night was the switch to the 60" circulars just received. Placed it on her lap and I swear, the smile that came across her face is one I'll never, ever forget. "You make the best blankies mom." So the race is on. Must. Finish. Blanket. Must. Hurry. Ok, I digress. I still have afghans made for me by my mother and grandmother. Those I will never part with. It must be the comfort. The comfort of knowing that mom is there, caring for and about you all the time. The comfort of knowing mom will make something just for me because she loves me.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still Around

But soooo busy at work and home. Stuff with DD and her dad; boss likes to keep me busy; cable guy, dr appts, ........will get back to my (not so) regular blogging soon!!!