Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Tuesday. I do believe I've come up with the solution for coming up with a catchy title every time I post. Gonna wait until AFTER I've said what I have to say, then decide on a title. That being said, here goes!! The pix from yesterday....the socks are the first completed for the "Count Your Socks" and the Two-Thousand-Socks at They were made with Cascade Fixation (my fav sock yarn) and they were also my first attempt at my very own pattern!! Yepper, yes indeed, followed my own whim on these and I do love them. A few things I found though: 1. Didn't make them long enough. 2. Hate the 4x4 ribbing. 3. When you do the stranded/fair isle thing (not sure which category these properly fall in to, any idea???) the gauge tightens up. 4. Still LOVE the german round toe. These were such a blast to make.

The Puppy is our new Angel. After losing Penelope, our Mastiff, Princess was very, very sad, not eating and not wanting to play. Well after a few days with Angel puppy let's just say that's changed. She actually approached people to pet her. Princess was very badly abused before we got her 3 1/2 years ago and is/was fearful of "strangers". Our Angel is a Rott/Shepherd mix and VERY active!!! She's just wonderful and we've already started her training. I WILL NOT HAVE OUT OF CONTROL DOGS. Two dogs is the best.....well actually I'd have more if I could, Hahahaha. Sorry honey.

Started Jaywalkers!! Not gonna link cuz I think everyone knows where the pattern came from. My first socks on Regia Stretch yarn and size 1 circs. They are the Susan Bates Quicksilver, first time using those too. Trying to find a more economic alternative to Addi turbos. These Quicksilvers I'm enjoying very much.

On the bad news knitting news, I've once again run out of yarn for Sonnet right in the middle of the second sleeve. AARRGGGHHH I'm doomed to never finish this or finish it in the middle of summer when it's a blazing 100 degrees. Speaking of 100 degrees; it's freaking cold here right now. Now I'm not a wimpy Californian who can't take a little cold, (not really)...but 42 yesterday morning with ice on my windshield!!! I don't think so.

I want to bake, I want to knit, I want to not work. I'm having one of those weeks where I know I need to change some things in my life, but not really ready to do it. Yes I made reference to the getting your shit together yesterday. Isn't part of the process realizing you want to make changes? Then the next step is making the changes? Just hoping that's the process is all.

Have a great week

Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Monday, a holiday for some

But not me! Hey just here for a quick hi before I go home. Every have one of those days where you think "Gee, I should really get my shit together." Enjoy these pix, details to come later in the week.

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Monday, February 13, 2006


Sheesh, can't think of a creative title every time I post!!! Just a few updates, sans pix this time. Thank you to those who sent heartfelt comments about our Penelope. She was the sweetest dog and got my DD through a lot. On that note, my DD and I went to the animal shelter Friday and she found 4 dogs she liked. We'll go back tomorrow and she can decide which one she wants. Going there is so hard!! I want to take every single dog and cat home with me. We planned on going back Saturday but didn't have time after the Kings game. It's hard to make it from downtown, to the south end of the valley, then to the sorta west end of the valley in one hour!! It will be good for our other dog Princess, she's never been alone and is very sad right now.

Finished another pair of socks this weekend. Because I hurt my back last week I was home from work Thursday and Friday and had lots of knitting time. Also cast on the second sleeve for Sonnet. Now on to Jaywalkers. Got the needles and the yarn, hmmmmm should I cast on the socks or work on sonnet tonight???? Quandry! Have a marvy night and I'll post pix later this week.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Goodbye to My Dear Friend

This was supposed to be a very eloquent, lengthy post.....that's not possible. We had to send our Penelope to doggy heaven last night. I miss you Nelly.